How a Spoliation Letter Can Help After an Arizona Large Truck Accident

How a Spoliation Letter Can Help After an Arizona Large Truck Accident

When you are hit by a negligent commercial truck driver you have to gather as much evidence as possible to ensure that you can prove negligence. Due to the immense amount of damages and catastrophe that results after large truck accidents, settlement amounts can often be very high. In an attempt to avoid this from happening, it isn’t uncommon for trucking companies to engage in unlawful activities that ruin or degrade any evidence that exists. 

Your Arizona truck accident attorney will work hard to put together all of the key information that will make for a strong Arizona personal injury claim. Through the collection of specific documents and by speaking with witnesses, your attorney can develop a case for the most compensation possible after your accident. Large commercial truck accidents can be very complex because there may be multiple parties responsible for paying for damages, there needs to be an examination of any Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration guidelines that may have been violated, and some of the evidence your attorney will need is in the possession of the trucking companies themselves. A trucking company isn’t going to readily hand over any information they have which can help your case and hurt theirs.

What is a Spoliation Letter and How Can it Help?

How a Spoliation Letter Can Help After an Arizona Large Truck AccidentIt is important to be proactive in a Phoenix 18-wheeler accident because you have to preserve the integrity of all evidence that exists. To reduce the risk of certain types of evidence being altered or destroyed, your Phoenix large truck accident attorney can send the trucking company what is known as a spoliation letter. This letter may help protect all available evidence before a trucking company has the chance to figure out what files or other evidence can be altered.

You may need records and files from the trucking company, which, like any business documents it’s operations. Because the FMCSA requires truck drivers to maintain logs regarding their rest time and work time and trucking companies have to also keep information on past accidents, retrieving these valuable documents before they can be manipulated is very important. An experienced Arizona truck accident attorney will know what key points must be included in drafting a spoliation letter for it to be effective at protecting evidence. 

A trucking company that willfully destroys evidence that was requested in the spoliation letter, can face legal penalties. Taking every step possible to strengthen your claim and to preserve evidence is imperative to winning your case.

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It is important that you work with an attorney who has experience with Arizona truck accidents because there are so many considerations and specifications that must be addressed to ensure that your claim is successful. Phoenix commercial truck accidents are more complicated than the majority of passenger vehicle crashes. When your case is handled properly you will have the peace of mind that your settlement will include all the money you deserve for all of the damages you sustained after your large truck accident. Connect with the Arizona personal injury accident attorneys at ELG today. Call ELG to speak with one of our Spanish-speaking, bilingual attorneys during a free consultation at (623) 877-3600.