How are FMCSA Rules for Truck Drivers Enforced?

How are FMCSA Rules for Truck Drivers Enforced?

Any driver who gets behind the wheel when they are fatigued is an immense danger to others on the road. Driving while sleepy is a known cause of many accidents. When you are tired, you are less alert, your reaction time is decreased, and you can be more easily distracted. When a truck driver is tired and operates his or her big rig, they pose an even bigger threat to other drivers, road construction workers, and pedestrians on and near the road.

Because tired truck drivers are so dangerous, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration developed guidelines that truck drivers and trucking companies must follow. These include how many hours a truck driver can drive consecutively and what breaks they need to take. Even though it is expected that responsible truck drivers and their companies follow these rules of the road, not all do. Truck drivers may not take breaks or drive more hours in a given period of time than they are supposed to. In an effort to increase profits, trucking companies may even pressure their drivers to ignore the rules so that they can get more deliveries done faster.

Are the FMCSA Rules Effectively Enforced?

How are FMCSA Rules for Truck Drivers EnforcedIf you have been in an Arizona large truck accident there may be multiple parties who are responsible to pay for your damages. If the truck driver was drowsy while driving, this can be an effective piece of evidence that will add substantial value to your case and help you maximize the amount of money you receive in your settlement. The Phoneix serious injury attorneys at ELG know how important it is that victims of large truck accidents obtain a fair and full settlement for their damages. 

It is required that truck drivers log the number of hours they work each day as well as the number of hours they rest. When considering their work, they must indicate how many hours they were actually driving. They must also include any reset information. When accidents happen that involve 18-wheelers, oftentimes these logs are used to figure out if the FMCSA work and rest guidelines were followed. When a truck driver is determined to have ignored the FMCSA rules they may lose their ability to continue to work as a truck driver for a given period of time. These penalties are issued by the Department of Transportation.

Truck drivers must make deliveries at all times of the day and night. Because of the inconsistencies in their work schedule, it is very difficult to have a healthy, regular pattern of sleep. This makes truckers more prone to drowsy driving. The FMCSA rules are put in place to ensure truckers get the rest they need to do their jobs safely.

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