How Logging Devices Can Help With Your Truck Accident Claim

How Logging Devices Can Help With Your Truck Accident Claim

Filing truck accident claims can be difficult and cause a lot of stress in someone’s life. These accident claims can be difficult to litigate. There are many different causes of these accidents and some of them could be affiliated with the pressure employes put on truck drivers. If you have been involved in a truck accident, you could be entitled to bring action against their employer for liability principles. This is where electronic logging devices can help your claim.  Listed below are more details about these devices and how they can help your legal claim. 

Electronic Logging Device

The federal legislation now mandates that an electronic logging device is installed for commercial drivers to keep track of different data points. The point of them is to help manage the driver’s schedule to ensure they are not being overworked or over-scheduled. This device will keep track of the hours a driver has logged within a route, the speed they are driving, and other helpful data to ensure they work appropriate hours. 

Drivers are not legally allowed to drive more than 11 hours a day and they can’t work more than 14 hours total in a day. Before the electronic logging devices were created, drivers could write down false information on their sheets by logging fewer hours than they actually worked. This allowed the companies to take advantage of their drivers and have them to drive further distances. It was encouraged for them to do this because they could be eligible for compensation bonuses. Now that the electronic logging device is in place, drivers can’t log more hours than the maximum amount by law. If they end up going over their hours, the system will recognize it as a violation and other personnel will be notified. 

Levels Of Liability

You can utilize the data from the electronic logging device to help establish who is liable in the event of a truck accident. If you are trying to show that the driver should be held liable in the event of a truck accident, you can go to the data in the electronic logging device. This data can show if the driver was driving their truck at excessive speeds when the accident occurred. You could also look up the number of hours the driver had driven that day to see if they violated their maximum hourly quota for the day. If they drove more hours than allowed, you might have a case for fatigued driving. This electronic logging device can offer data that can be very helpful in legal claims. 

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