How Many 18-Wheelers are on the Roads?

How Many 18-Wheelers are on the Roads?

Large trucks are an integral part of the fabric that makes the United States function. They are crucial to the American economy as they are responsible for transporting billions of units of products all over the country annually. Because of this, the roads across the country have many trucks driving from one location to the next, which forces other drivers of smaller vehicles to have to learn how to safely share the roads.

While semi-trucks don’t make up the majority of vehicles on the roadways, when they are involved in traffic accidents the result is often disastrous. This is specifically true for occupants of smaller vehicles who have been in a collision twitch a large truck. The reason is, big rigs are massive vehicles weighing up to 80,000 pounds in some cases. Some trucks have engines that weigh in at 3,000 pounds alone or roughly the size of a small sedan. The majority of large trucks are 53 feet in length but there are instances where a truck pulls multiple trailers and can be much longer. The longest semi-trucks can be upwards of 105 feet in length. These extra-large trucks are so big, that they are not legal in 37 states.

How Many Semi-Trailers are on the Road?

How Many 18-Wheelers are on the RoadsSemi-railers that haul the cargo do not have wheels in the front and for this reason, they need tractors in order to be mobile. When combined, semi-trucks along with semi-trailers are called tractor-trailers.  Across the United States, there are reportedly 2 million active semi-trucks and over 5 million semi-trailers.

These tractor-trailers get around and rack up miles. Every year trucks driving throughout the nation accumulate 140 billion miles. It is estimated that one semi will do on average about 45,000 miles. Long-distance trucks, on the other hand, can drive 100,000 miles every year. Out of all the miles driven in the country, 42% are done by semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles. 

This means that if you are a licensed driver, the likelihood that you are going to be driving by one of these vehicles is high. It can be very dangerous driving near these large vehicles because if just one thing goes wrong you could collide with them or they could roll over on top of your vehicle. Should either of these things take place, you and anyone in your car is at grave risk for fatal consequences. At the very least, the risk of suffering debilitating injuries is increased significantly. 

The majority of our goods, approximately 68%, are transported via semi-truck. They are an essential part of our daily lives which means large trucks aren’t going anywhere any time soon. If you have been in an Arizona 18-wheeler accident you need talented and hard-working Arizona legal representation to advocate on your behalf. The experienced Arizona truck accident attorneys at ELG have the experience and the credentials you want on your side when you need to secure the highest amount of compensation for your damages.

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