How Safety Failures Cause Truck Crashes

How Safety Failures Cause Truck Crashes

Known for causing serious injuries and fatalities, truck crashes are one of the most dangerous types of accidents on the road. Furthermore, when drivers of large tractor-trailers cause accidents, victims are left with exorbitant medical costs and critical injuries. But safety failures on the part of the truck company or truck driver may ultimately be to blame.

For example, negligent companies may cut corners by hiring unqualified drivers or promoting inadequate vehicle maintenance. Thankfully, victims may have legal recourse when these reckless acts cause serious crashes.

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Improper Inspection and Maintenance

First, failed inspections and faulty maintenance on vehicles are common causes of truck crashes. It goes without saying that proper inspections and maintenance are essential to prevent these crashes.

For example, a company should check their trucks’ brakes frequently. Because large commercial trucks already have a longer stopping distance than passenger vehicles, it’s vital that trucks are in the best possible condition. And since braking defects are typically located during routine inspections, along with other items that may need replacement, proper inspection is a must.

Speeding and Truck Driver Error

Furthermore, some trucking companies are notorious for hiring unqualified drivers. Basically, companies are allowing drivers to get behind the wheel without proper training, which means the risk of driver error is increased.

Rather than hire properly trained drivers with the necessary qualifications and understanding of laws, the company may cover up a novice driver’s spotty record. These truck drivers may then speed or drive recklessly while they’re behind the wheel of a large truck. Thankfully, when one of these negligent drivers causes a wreck, the company can be legally responsible.

Failure to Follow Safety Regulations

How Safety Failures Cause Truck CrashesFinally, noncompliance with federal regulations is responsible for a large number of truck accidents nationwide. For example, most states have trucking regulations require that a few key things from trucking companies. In Arizona, trucking companies must provide standard times for rest, sleep, and breaks for their drivers.

Drowsy driving results in impaired judgment and slower reaction time. So, when truck drivers operating heavy loads react to hazards on the road too slowly, they’re at a higher risk for causing a serious collision. Many times, trucking companies are responsible for driver fatigue. In other words, companies may force drivers to ignore federally mandated guidelines. And in that case, a trucking company may be liable for damages.

Furthermore, trucks must be properly loaded and regulated by law. If a company doesn’t balance their tractor-trailers, the truck can roll or the equipment can fall. These improper loads can cause large trucks to jackknife, resulting in a serious accident. Again, in these cases, trucking companies who fail to follow regulations are at fault.

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