How to Put a Value to Your Arizona Truck Accident Claim

How to Put a Value to Your Arizona Truck Accident Claim

Large 18-wheeler accidents cause immense destruction and devastation. A victim of an Arizona large truck accident must make sure that when they file an Arizona personal injury claim it includes all the damages that have been sustained. Current and future costs must be contained in the claim and the correct value to each of these damages is also important. Making sure that an Arizona semi-trailer truck accident victim has a comprehensive claim that is true to the losses they suffered will ensure the victim a fair settlement should they win their case.

The aftermath of a serious large truck accident could have life-long implications so ensuring that a proper settlement is obtained is critical. The Arizona personal injury attorneys at ELG are dedicated to helping individuals injured in a catastrophic semi-trailer truck accident see their full legal justice and obtain the correct amount of money in their settlement.

Damages That May be Included in a Personal Injury Claim After an Arizona Large Truck Accident

How to Put a Value to Your Arizona Truck Accident ClaimThere are many details that must be reviewed to ensure that the right value is put on a claim. One of the most important damages is medical expenses. Making sure that your health and well-being are protected is essential. The medical treatments you may incur include:

  • Hospital bills
  • Surgical costs
  • Ambulance
  • Air medical services
  • Medical testing
  • Insurance expenses
  • Prescriptions and medications
  • Rehabilitation

Very severe injuries can require extensive medical interventions and healing time. Whether your injuries are permanent and stop you from being able to go back to work, keep you from working for a period of time, or alter your ability to perform in the same professional capacity as you did before your accident, the earnings that you miss out on should be assessed and included. Property damages, like would be the case when your vehicle is destroyed, must be added in. All of the emotional trauma and pain are also acceptable damages that deserve compensation.

The consequences of a large commercial truck accident for a victim are high. Bodily harm and pain, potentially permanent damage, diminished earnings, loss or damage to high-value property, mental strain, and associated medical care must all be considered and paid for. Additionally, if you lost a loved one in a Phoenix commercial truck accident, then you can sue for loss of consortium. Settlement amounts after large truck accidents tend to be much larger than when two smaller sedans collide because the destruction tends to be so much more intense.

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