How Truck Accidents Can Impact the Rest of Your Life

How Truck Accidents Can Impact the Rest of Your Life

Most low-speed collisions are short-term affairs: you have your injuries treated, you file a claim for compensation, and in a matter of months, you make a full recovery. Truck accidents, on the other hand, often have no “end date” on damages accrued, and could instead have lasting consequences for the rest of your life. With the help of an Arizona truck accident attorney, you can receive compensation for these persistent damages, even if they have no clear duration or an exact price tag associated with them.

Injuries and Disabilities

Injuries after truck accidents can range from minor to life-altering, but more often than not, they’ll fall on the more severe end of that spectrum. Common wounds, such as whiplash and soft-tissue injuries, usually mend quickly, but certain injuries may have long term effects, such as:

  • Spinal cord damage, paralysis, or coma.
  • Traumatic brain injuries and mental disability.
  • Nerve damage from cuts, broken bones, and impact wounds.
  • Disfiguration and scarring after lacerations and puncture wounds.
  • Compromised immune systems after infections or internal injuries.

If you suffer an injury of this nature, the term “maximum medical improvement” will inevitably come up while discussing your claim. Maximum medical improvement simply refers to the state at which doctors don’t expect you to get any better, and could involve ongoing treatment and medication. It’s always in your best interest to wait until you reach maximum medical improvement to file a claim since you have two years to do so according to Arizona’s statute of limitations.

Wrongful Death

Fatal truck accidents account for a significant percentage of all motorist fatalities in Arizona due to the unique dangers that trucks bring with them. Victims in a truck accident can perish at the scene of the accident or as a result of medical complications after the fact, but in either scenario, their loved ones may be left with permanent financial and emotional hardship, especially if the decedent was the primary provider for their family.

Mental Trauma

How Truck Accidents Can Affect the Rest of Your LifeMental trauma is a common result after any accident, regardless of whether or not permanent injuries or death were involved. Emotional anguish should never be downplayed and can be compensated appropriately as part of your pain and suffering damages. Usually, mental trauma after truck accidents manifests as depression, anxiety, or vehicle-related PTSD, or as a host of ailments associated with the loss of a loved one or prolonged isolation in the hospital.

Securing Compensation for Arizona Truck Accidents

Regardless of how you’ve been hurt after an Arizona truck accident, you deserve compensation for your expenses and suffering. ELG can help you understand the claims process and pursue a successful settlement, so give us a call at (623) 877-3600 to schedule a free consultation with one of our compassionate Arizona truck accident attorneys. We have extensive experience with the trauma that truck crashes can bring, so we’ll help you restore as much of your quality of life as possible while taking the burden of a complex legal process off of your shoulders, giving you time to focus on your loved ones and personal affairs.