How to Respond After an Arizona Large Truck Accident

How to Respond After an Arizona Large Truck Accident

If you had the unfortunate experience of being in a large truck accident it is more than likely you didn’t walk away unscathed. Some of the most catastrophic and destructive automobile accidents that happen on the roads are those where massive 18-wheelers are involved. In the majority of these accidents, it is the smaller passenger vehicles that bear the brunt of all the damages.

Arizona big rig accidents happen every year. In 2019 Arizona large truck and bus accidents accounted for more than 5% of all crashes the state reported that year. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation truck tractors, dump trucks, concrete mixer trucks, and tanker trucks made up 2,207 of all the accidents in the state in 2019. Over 60 of these accidents had fatal consequences.

How Do You React after an Arizona Truck Accident?

How to Respond after an Arizona Large Truck AccidentAfter an Arizona large truck accident, it is important to help others and to gather as much information at the accident scene as possible, just like it is with accidents involving only passenger vehicles. This could understandably be a hard thing to do if you are very badly hurt. Should you have the ability, the first thing to do once you know you have mobility is to check the accident scene to see if there are any other parties involved that need medical attention. Whether you call an ambulance or know how to administer aid, it is important to help others who are severely injured at the scene of the Arizona large truck accident.

Write down or record in your phone all the details of the accident scene. Take pictures of the environment, of your car, of other cars, and of the truck involved. If you have a dash camera make sure that it is on and taking video. Most often, large commercial trucks have black boxes that can also help provide a more clear picture of what happened. Additionally, you should also not forget to file a police report as further documentation supporting your case.

Every bit of information you can compile will help your Phoenix car accident attorney build the strongest case possible for you. The more information you can round up right after your accident the stronger your case’s foundation will be. When your attorney dives into putting together all of the pieces of your accident and mounting a rock-solid case against the insurance companies, this information will be helpful to maximize the amount of money you receive in your settlement.

When you are injured whether it be severely or mildly, seeking medical treatment immediately is also very important. Not only will this action help you get back on your feet but it will also show more prominently that the injures you were diagnosed with were a result of the accident you were in.

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