How to Respond to a Hit and Run Truck Crash

How to Respond to a Hit and Run Truck Crash

When you get into an accident, you can usually expect the other driver to stop, pull over, and start to discuss the crash with you, as common sense would dictate. This makes it all the more surprising when a presumably well-trained, experienced trucker peels off into the distance, leaving you alone with a barely operable vehicle. Arizona’s hit and run laws apply to all motorists regardless of whether they operate a car, truck, or bicycle, demanding a few key courtesies from those involved in a crash. Failing to fulfill any of these requirements constitutes a hit and run:

  • Exchange names, addresses, vehicle registration numbers, and, upon request, show your driver’s license
  • Secure reasonable medical aid for injured parties, such as by calling 911 or rushing critically wounded victims to the hospital

So why do truckers commit hit and runs? In practice, quite a few stressors can impair a trucker’s ability to act rationally, especially if they fear that they may lose their job for being involved in a crash. Tight delivery schedules and demanding work environments can drive even rational truckers to abandon a crash for the sake of being on time. 

Conversely, Arizona’s commercial driver DUI penalties are likely to be at the forefront of a drunk trucker’s mind, meaning that they may flee from the scene of the accident to avoid a secondary charge. Similarly, truck drivers who have exceeded their hours of service regulations, operate with expired licenses, or who are otherwise driving illegally are likely to commit a hit and run with the hopes of getting off scot-free. 

Stay Safe and Call the Police

Hit and run accidents only exacerbate the dangers of a truck crash, especially if victims are unable to call 911 on their own due to injuries or damages to their phone. The fatality rate for these truck accidents tends to skyrocket, especially on rural, infrequently traveled roads where one may go undiscovered for hours. For this reason, it’s vital that you prioritize safety above all else, doing your best to get everyone out of harm’s way and alert the authorities.

Once the police arrive, you’ll want to give them as many details as you can recall about the runaway truck. Partial license plate numbers, physical descriptions, their direction of travel, anything notable about their driving tendencies, and other such tidbits of information will be vital to the police’s efforts to track down the driver and bring them to justic

How to Respond to a Hit and Run Truck Crash


Examine Your Insurance Policy

Beyond the obvious safety risks they carry, hit and run accidents can be equally devastating to a victim’s wallet, leaving one without an insurance company to contact or an at-fault driver to sue. In these cases, you might be able to file a claim through your personal insurance policy instead, depending on your coverage and policy terms. 

Consult an Arizona Truck Accident Attorney

Hit and run accidents are stressful, challenging affairs, but a good attorney can give you the peace of mind you need to get your life in order again. ELG’s Arizona truck accident attorneys have specialized experience with all manner of truck crashes and hit-and-runs, so be sure to give us a call at (623) 877-3600 to schedule a free consultation with a legal professional who cares. We can help you manage your financial situation if the at-fault driver isn’t located, and then press for full compensation from them if they do turn up.