How You Can Avoid a Commercial Truck Accident in Arizona

How You Can Avoid a Commercial Truck Accident in Arizona

Commercial accidents cause tremendous destruction and damages to the victims who they collide with. Even though collisions between passenger vehicles can be catastrophic, on average, they don’t produce the consistent annihilation that occurs when heavy, large trucks smash into much smaller passenger vehicles. Arizona commercial truck accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. Outside of the many factors that can cause a truck accident, just the physics of commercial trucks makes them more prone to be an incredible danger to others on the road when unexpected hazards are present. If they are exposed to an unforeseen pitfall in the road, they take much longer to stop movement, and with that, they also require much more room to come to a halt.

When you have been in an Arizona commercial truck accident it is almost certain that you sustained debilitating and even life-altering injuries. You will need to secure as much compensation as possible to pay for your damages. Your Arizona personal injury claim should reflect all of the harm that you had to endure so that you are provided with a fair settlement. The Phoenix serious injury attorneys at ELG know how to secure the most compensation for victims who had to endure bodily harm, emotional trauma, and property damages.

Tips to Avoid a Commercial Vehicle Accident in Arizona

How You Can Avoid a Commercial Truck Accident in ArizonaThere is no way to completely protect yourself from any traffic accident. However, when you drive responsibly, safely, and defensively, you can decrease your risk for an accident. Driving near commercial trucks is a bit different than driving near other comparably sized passenger vehicles. There are certain steps you can take to minimize the chances you will be hit including:

  • Don’t drive in the blind spots of a truck which are located just in front of the cab, directly behind the trailer, and on the sides of the truck. If you are on the side of a truck and you aren’t able to see the driver, then the driver isn’t able to see you either.
  • Because it takes more time and space for an 18-wheeler to come to a stop, leave plenty of room between you and the truck. Just like you should do with any vehicle don’t cut a truck off and tailgating is not advised.
  • When you pass a semi-trailer truck, make sure to do so sensibly by using your turn signals, providing enough room in front of the truck so the driver can see you, and watching in your mirrors that you have a safe opening to make the lane switch.

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There are many people that become anxious when driving near semi-trailer trucks and rightfully so. However, even if you are frightful traveling near these vehicles the important thing to remember is to stay calm and proceed with caution as you pass, drive in front of, or trail behind a large truck to be safe. If you are hit by a large commercial truck in Arizona, you need the best legal counsel to represent your interests. The Phoenix large truck accident attorneys at ELG can help you pursue damages associated with your accident through an Arizona personal injury claim. Call ELG today to schedule your free consultation at (623) 877-3600.