Is Truck Driving a Dangerous Profession?

Is Truck Driving a Dangerous Profession?

There are many professions that come with increased danger and a high rate of injuries and death for workers. When you think about these industries, the construction industry, law enforcement, firefighting, and the military are some of the most common that quickly come to mind. However, did you know that professional truck drivers are also at high risk for injuries and death on the job? It is true, only a handful of years ago in 2013, truck driving was included on the list of the 10 most deadly professions. Truck driving as a profession has largely stayed at the top of all dangerous professions today as well.

Large semi-trucks come with massive weight, size, and momentum which often makes the outcome of accidents with a large truck catastrophic. Certainly, for smaller passenger vehicles, a collision with a large truck has an increased potential that the occupants of the small car can sustain devastating injuries or death. Truckers themselves are also at high risk for injuries and death in a collision. With more than 6 million accidents that take place on American roadways every year, accidents don’t seem to be going away any time soon. This means, that trucking as a profession will continue to be a risky job for anyone who decides to go down this professional path.

If you are injured, or worse, if you lost a loved one in an Arizona large truck accident, call the Arizona truck accident attorneys at ELG immediately to have your case reviewed. It may be worthwhile to file an Arizona personal injury claim or an Arizona wrongful death claim. The Phoenix personal injury attorneys at ELG will be able to determine the strength of your case and the best strategy for maximizing your settlement amount.

Are Big Rig Accidents Common?

Is Truck Driving a Dangerous ProfessionBig rig accidents account for the second most common reason for death from road incidents across the United States. Not only are these large trucks heavy by themselves, but those long trailers are often full of cargo that weighs a lot and is very heavy. There are several reasons why truck accidents happen, and there are ways for passenger vehicles to drive more cautiously and defensively when driving near a truck to reduce their chance of an accident. Even the most responsible passenger car driver near the most experienced truck driver could still result in an accident. It doesn’t take much for a truck driver to lose control, and even just one simple error in judgment on behalf of a truck driver can cause an accident that yields the most dramatic and devastating results. Out of the 129,750 total accidents in Arizona in 2019, 12,894 involved large trucks and busses.

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A truck accident in Arizona can cost victims massive property damages, substantial injuries, and wounds, some that could be permanent, as well as death. It is important that victims obtain the most amount of compensation from their Phoenix personal injury claim. Call the Arizona personal injury attorneys at ELG to set up a free consultation today at (623) 877-3600.