Jackknifing Accidents and Trucks in Arizona

Jackknifing Accidents and Trucks in Arizona

Commercial trucks are massive in size and that size comes with measurable weight. When accidents take place on the road and a commercial truck is inovlved the results are most often devastating. Commercial trucks can experience many types of accident types but jackknifing is the most common for these large vehicles. When a truck jackknifes the trailer of the vehicle goes one way while the cab goes the opposite way. These types of collisions can result in the truck overturning which is not only immensely dangerous for the truck driver but also most anyone who is nearby on the road.

Arizona’s Share The Road Program

Arizona is working to help make the roads in the state safer for all drivers. The Arizona Trucking Association (ATA) began the “Share the Road” program which was designed to encourage and educate drivers around the state to engage in safe driving practices. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety provided the funding through a grant. The program relates to local communities and provides them with resources on safety topics. Truck blind spots, stopping distances, and safe lane changing were some of the topics covered with the public. The prevalence of jackknifing is another topic of particular interest because of the devastating results that happen when this type of accident occurs. 

What Causes Jackknife Accidents

Various environmental conditions, as well as decisions on the part of the driver, can lead to a jackknife accident on the road. Some of the causes which lead to jackknifing include:

  • Winter weather and inclement cold weather conditions such as ice, sleet, or snow.
  • A truck driver quickly stopping which shifts their heavy and large trailer off balance.
  • Speeding drivers on the road that are carrying a light load make for unstable trucking.
  • Cargo that is improperly loaded makes a trailer very unstable and prone to tipping or changing direction from the cab.
  • Cargo that is not secure and stable in a trailer can move about during transit and it can throw the entire trailer off balance.
  • High speeds and turns are a bad recipe for overturning and throwing a trailer out of balance with a cab.

Finding Effective Truck Accident Attorneys

Jackknifing Accidents And Trucks In ArizonaBecause the injuries that occur as a result of accidents involving large trucks tend to be severe, victims will be looking at increased needs to recover and live daily life. Victims can lose the ability to work and make an income, to move on their own without assistance, require long-term therapy, require daily care from a medical professional, need expensive medications, and suffer from immense psychological distress.

When you suffered through a truck accident you must protect your rights and obtain the much-needed compensation to help you recover and heal from your ordeal. The Arizona truck accident attorneys at ELG can help you see your full legal justice and will give you all the support you need to overcome your damages.

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