Liability When Arizona Accidents Are Caused By Spilled Truck Contents

Liability When Arizona Accidents Are Caused By Spilled Truck Contents

Commercial truck accidents are on the rise around the country. There are several ways that a truck can pose a threat to the safety of nearby drivers. Trucks can cause traffic accidents and collisions, their content can be hazardous and highly flammable, or the contents of their trailer can spill out onto the road. Any one of these situations has the potential to lead to massive bodily harm and property damage as well as environmental destruction. 

If you were the victim of an Arizona 18-wheeler truck accident, it is critical to your case that you have the most knowledgeable legal representation helping you recover compensation for your losses. The Phoenix 18-wheeler accident attorneys at ELG can examine your accident experience and provide you with a strategy for securing the most amount of money in your settlement. It is extremely important that victims of catastrophic truck accidents in Arizona have every damage they suffered included in their Arizona personal injury claim. Victims of large truck accidents are entitled to obtaining a fair and full settlement from liable parties that caused them harm.

Can You Obtain Compensation For Accidents Caused By a Truck’s Spilled Contents?

Liability When an Arizona Accident is Caused by Spilled Truck ContentsThere may be several reasons why a truck’s contents spill from the trailer. The truck may have a defective part that malfunctions and causes the cargo to fall out of the trailer and scatter all over the road. This would be a situation where potentially the manufacturer of the truck could be liable for the resulting damages.

In other situations, the recklessness of the truck driver may lead to the cargo coming out of the trailer. Examples would be a truck driver who is operating their vehicle under the influence or when they are fatigued. In this scenario, the truck driver may be held liable for the resulting damages. 

If a trucking company puts a driver on the road who is not adequately trained for the job this may lead to the contents the truck is hauling to fly onto the road. Trucking companies are duty-bound to hire responsible and qualified individuals as drivers. Trucking companies must make sure that their drivers are appropriately and thoroughly trained for the job. If they put drivers on the road that don’t have the instruction necessary to operate such a massive vehicle, the trucking company may be found liable for losses in an accident from a spill.

Last, the manufacturer or the cargo the truck is carrying may be found liable. If the truck was improperly loaded and was the cause of a spill that lead to a traffic accident, this entity must be held accountable.

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No matter where liability falls, the Arizona 18-wheeler accident attorneys at ELG will hold all responsible parties to account for the destruction that was caused after a Phoenix semi-trailer truck accident. If you were injured in a Phoenix large truck accident because the cargo spilled out onto the road, ELG can help you with your Arizona personal injury claim. Call ELG today to schedule your free consultation at (623) 877-3600.