Light Rail Attorneys in Mesa

Light Rail Attorneys in Mesa

Advice From Train and Light Rail Attorneys in Mesa

Over the years, we have witnessed a major increase in the number of individuals utilizing mass transportation to travel throughout Mesa and surrounding suburbs. Although the use of trains provides benefits in terms of traffic and the robust environmental impact, the risk of being injured in an accident is still very real.

Light rail and train accidents can occur for a plethora of reasons. Whether the cause is a distracted driver or even faulty equipment, train accidents can result in catastrophic or fatal injuries for those involved. As more people continue to utilize light rail and trains for transportation, it is crucial to realize that even one accident can have a significant impact on a victim’s life.

Although not as common as other types of motor vehicle accidents, train accidents occur annually, causing injuries that have a damaging impact on the lives of those involved. Injuries from these accidents often require lengthy recovery processes that are both painful and expensive. Those injured in light rail and train accidents deserve to have legal representation from experienced Light Rail Attorneys in Mesa.

At ELG ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS, our attorneys work diligently to ensure those injured are able to recover full and fair compensation for the costs and damages incurred from their accident. With over 30 years of combined experience, accident victims can rest assured knowing their best interests are protected with us. Contact our experienced Light Rail attorneys in Mesa to schedule a free case evaluation to see what legal options are available for you.

Why You Should Hire Light Rail Attorneys in Mesa After an Arizona Light Rail or Train Accident

Victims who are injured in light rail and train accidents often deal with overwhelming pain and suffering. Unfortunately, maneuvering the complicated legal process while recovering from serious injuries is extremely difficult. Quite often, accident victims will accept minimal settlement offers from insurance companies to help offset their immediate financial needs. Unfortunately, doing so eliminates the possibility of the injured victim filing a legal claim against the at-fault party in the future. For this reason, it is imperative for victims to contact an experienced Light Rail Attorney in Mesa to handle their claim.

Our attorneys work diligently on behalf of train accident victims to ensure their legal rights are protected every step of the way. Some of the tasks our attorneys help victims with include:

  • Investigating the accident;
  • Determining the true cost of the accident;
  • Communicating with the victim about their case;
  • Handling paperwork;
  • Preparing for settlement;
  • Taking the case to trial; and
  • Repairing vehicles.

Working with skilled and knowledgeable Light Rail Attorneys in Mesa, from ELG ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS will ensure victims are able to get the justice and compensation they deserve for their accidents. One key element of collecting compensation for damages involves determining the root cause of the accident. Doing so will ensure those harmed get justice for their traumatic experiences.

Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Sadly, there are numerous reasons light rail and train accidents occur throughout Arizona. When victims suffer due to the negligence of others, they should take appropriate steps toward protecting their legal rights. Some of the leading causes of these horrific incidents include:

  • Human Errors: Speeding, ignoring traffic control devices, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, using cellular phones while operating the vehicle, or even switching tracks improperly can lead to accidents.
  • Signaling Problems: In addition to human error, mechanical errors are a leading cause of rail and train accidents across our state. These incidents occur when power switches fail, computer errors occur, or problems arise from communication warning errors. When drivers are unaware of situations ahead, they are unable to prepare for them, which can lead to accidents.
  • Issues on the Tracks: Broken tracks, work rails, defective welding, and other damage to tracks can hinder an operator’s ability to control their vehicles. Damages or broken tracks can cause trains to go off the rails and crash, leading to countless injuries.
  • Product Liability: There are countless cases in which loose wheels, defective brakes, fuel and oil fires, or other defective parts cause train accidents. Sadly, there are countless instances where defective parts are not recalled in time and, as a result, countless victims are injured.
  • Driving Conditions: Inclement weather, objects on the tracks, a lack of visibility, and various other driving conditions can negatively impact a driver’s ability to operate and control their train.
  • Reckless Driver Behavior: Drivers who speed, fall asleep behind the wheel, and those who disregard safety rails and other traffic control devices place the lives of themselves and others on the road at risk.

Victims who are injured in light rail or train accident that was caused by the negligent or reckless acts of another should contact a Mesa personal injury attorney as soon as possible to get help with their legal claim. Those harmed may be entitled to compensation to help alleviate the financial burdens incurred for their injuries and losses.

Type of Damages in a Personal Injury Claim

Determining the cost of a train accident is a significant task when it comes to calculating the damages a victim is entitled to for the injuries they sustained. Being able to accurately calculate the financial burdens will help guarantee those harmed get full and fair compensation to cover the losses incurred from their accident. It is crucial for anyone who is injured as a result of a train or light rail accident to hire a Mesa train accident attorney from ELG ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS to handle their claim.

Our team works diligently to evaluate every aspect of a victim’s accident and claim. We do this to ensure that those who are harmed in a train accident are able to move forward from their personal injury claim without worry. Some of the most common things that we seek compensation for our clients who have sustained injuries in a train or light rail accidents include the following:

  • Medical Bills: Those involved in train accidents often incur thousands of dollars in medical expenses. For this reason, our attorneys are dedicated to helping those harmed obtain the compensation they are entitled to for all past, current, and future medical expenses associated with their injuries. Our attorneys will gather documents from medical professionals that demonstrate future care plans as well as any bills for treatment, medications, and equipment.
  • Pain and Suffering: Victims involved in train accidents suffer overwhelming physical and mental anguish. We understand these accidents have a detrimental impact on their lives, which is why we work diligently to ensure those harmed are fairly compensated for their traumatic experiences.
  • Property Damages: Individuals involved in train accidents are able to obtain compensation to cover the costs of repairing or replacing their vehicles. In some cases, victims are able to obtain compensation for personal belongings lost or destroyed in the accident as well. Working with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney in Mesa will ensure those harmed obtain full and fair compensation for their property losses.
  • Lost Wages: Quite often, victims injured in train accidents are forced out of work to deal with their injuries. In these cases, victims may be entitled to compensation for all wages lost due to hospitalization, appointments, therapy, and various other reasons related to their injuries. These losses require a quick calculation to determine the amounts recoverable.
  • Lost Earning Potential: Unfortunately, there are many cases where accident victims are forced out of work indefinitely for their injuries. In these cases, victims may be entitled to compensation for their lost earning potential. Financial experts calculate these losses by taking into consideration the victim’s level of education, chances of promotions, the area of expertise, inflation, and various other factors. It is imperative for victims to hire a knowledgeable train accident attorney in Mesa who can find a reputable and reliable financial expert witness to perform these tasks.
  • Punitive Damages: In addition to compensatory damages, victims are able to obtain punitive damages in some cases. These damages are available to victims who suffer due to extreme negligence or disregard from those at-fault. These awards do not compensate a victim for any loss. Instead, courts award these damages as a form of punishment toward the negligent party. Working with a skilled and reputable light train and rail accident attorney in Mesa will ensure those harmed get the maximum amount of compensation available for their legal claim.


Commercial vehicle accidents, light rail, and train collisions can have a devastating impact on the lives of those involved. This is especially true in cases where victims are injured in these unimaginable accidents. When individuals involved sustain serious and life-altering injuries, it is imperative for them to contact a train accident attorney in Mesa as soon as possible to protect their legal rights.

Over the years, the experienced Light Rail attorneys at ELG have fought aggressively on behalf of accident victims to ensure they are able to get the justice and compensation they deserve. With over thirty years of combined experience, accident victims can focus on their recovery while knowing their best interests are protected by us. If you were injured in an accident by no fault of your own, or your loved one has lost his or her life in a horrific light rail or train accident, contact our injury accident attorneys in Mesa at (623) 877-3600 to explore legal options available for you.