How To Win a Phoenix Commercial Truck Accident Case

How To Win a Phoenix Commercial Truck Accident Case

Victims of a Phoenix commercial truck accident have the potential to recover large settlement amounts. Colliding with a large truck often has devastating results specifically for occupants of passenger vehicles. When an 80,000-pound vehicle is traveling at highway speeds, the momentum of that vehicle is immense, and the likelihood of serious bodily injury increases significantly.

An 18-wheeler has substantial crushing power and can inflict considerable harm. It is important that victims work with an experienced and knowledgeable Phoenix commercial truck accident attorney with particular comprehension on how to successfully manage these intricate cases.

The Arizona serious injury attorneys at ELG have substantial experience providing victims with the effective and strategic legal counsel necessary to win their case. Obtaining enough money in the aftermath of a catastrophic Phoenix commercial truck accident is critical to a victim’s ability to recover from their trauma.

What Strategies Win a Phoenix Commercial Truck Accident case?

How Fast Action Can Win Your Arizona Truck Accident ClaimAny traffic accident can benefit from bountiful evidence supporting a victim’s case. Gathering up as much documentation about the scene, the extent of the damages, the magnitude of injuries, and the details of the event rapidly can preserve valuable information about the accident situation. The difference between private vehicles and a Phoenix commercial truck accident is that there also may be additional relevant information that can be reviewed as to what was happening inside of the truck at the time of the collision.

Commercial trucks have black boxes that monitor what is happening inside the truck. They offer a plethora of valuable information that detail:

  • How fast the truck was going
  • The break reaction time of the truck driver
  • If cruise control was being used by the truck driver
  • Trucking activity
  • If the truck driver had a seatbelt on
  • If the truck’s airbag went off
  • The pressure of the truck’s tires
  • How many hard stops were made
  • GPS information
  • How frequently the truck was involved in traffic accidents
  • Communication information from the truck driver
  • How long the driver was in motion

The black box can provide your Arizona personal injury attorney with a treasure trove of important evidence that can prove negligence on the part of the truck driver or the trucking company. For example, there are specific guidelines that professional truck drivers must follow from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Examining the data from a truck’s black box or electronic control module in a Phoenix commercial truck accident can indicate that there were violations that occurred at the time of the crash. 

Quick action to retrieve this useful information is necessary because any delay could result in the information being destroyed or deleted. Losing out on the wealth of intelligence that is held within the box could be the difference between winning and losing your claim as well as how much you can obtain in a settlement.

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If you’re involved in a Phoenix commercial truck accident, you are likely to endure significant injuries. These cases can have extreme financial ramifications and victims must win their case for the most compensation possible to ensure that they can pay for all of the damages they sustained. This means that obtaining the maximum settlement that you deserve in critically important. Call the Spanish-speaking, bilingual Phoenix commercial truck accident attorneys at ELG to handle your case. Call now and schedule your free consultation today.

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