Phoenix Premises Liability Accident

Phoenix Premises Liability Accident

Phoenix Premises Liability Accident

When we go to the property of others, we expect it to be safe for us to engage in activities and complete the task at hand. Whether we are visiting a friend, going to a store to buy groceries, or visiting a movie theater for a night out, it is crucial that we are able to do so safely and without worry. When property owners fail to ensure the safety of guests, and injuries follow, those harmed are able to file personal injury lawsuits against the negligent property owner or manager for Premises Liability accident.

There are a variety of factors that contribute to a premises liability accident here in Arizona. Some of the most common causes of these unpredictable accidents include:

  • Inadequate security measures
  • Loose floorboards
  • Wet or slippery surfaces
  • Holes in walls and in the ground
  • Exposed wiring
  • Unstable and unsecured furniture and objects
  • Toxic fumes
  • Improperly stored chemicals
  • Equipment defects and malfunctions
  • Broken or dysfunctional locks
  • Broken elevators
  • Lead poisoning
  • Inadequate maintenance
  • Loose and uncontrolled dogs or other animals
  • Defective lighting
  • No railing, ledges, or landings off stairs, decks, or balconies

The bottom line is that it is crucial for property owners and managers to effectively ensure the safety of guests. If they are unable to timely address an issue at their business or property, they must take appropriate steps toward notifying guests of the potential risks or damages. Adding signs, closing off specific areas, and notifying people of problems directly can help to ensure others are not harmed. When property owners fail to notify others, and injuries pursue, they face legal consequences.

When it comes to a premises liability accident in Phoenix and Mesa, some of the most common cases we handle for clients surrounding drowning incidents and slip and falls.

Drowning Incidents: When property owners fail to implement safety measures to prevent a drowning incident, they can be held liable for a victim’s injuries and damages with this type of Premises Liability Accident. It is crucial that there is ample fencing to prevent small children from entering the pool unprotected, that there are trusted adults or lifeguards available to watch over guests, and that there are no unsafe water conditions present.

Slip and Fall Incidents: More than one million people are harmed in slip and fall accidents each year across the United States. This type of Premises Liability Accident claims the lives of more than 17,000 people annually. Slip and fall accidents are nearly always preventable. When property owners fail to ensure the safety of their guests, they can and should be held accountable. Although more than 25% of serious workplace injuries are a result of slip and fall accidents, it is important to understand that they can take place in any location and under any circumstance. Some of the most common locations for slip, trip, and falls in Arizona include:

  • At home
  • At the home of another person
  • At the business of another person
  • In a crowded public location
  • In areas with icy or slippery surfaces
  • Concerts and music events
  • Retail outlets
  • At a sporting event

Each situation presents its own unique set of legal liability questions. Working with a responsive and skilled legal team can help to determine if you are able to recover after a Premises Liability Accident.

After being involved in a Premises Liability Accident on another person’s property, it is crucial to determine whether you have any legal grounds to file a claim. To do so, you must first determine what category of guest the injured party falls under. The reason why they visit the property is often a determining factor in the type of protection they have. In Arizona, guests can be categorized in any of the following ways:

  • Invitees: People are considered invitees to a property when they enter the premises to conduct business. Generally, patrons at businesses, water parks, and even public pools are considered invitees.
  • Licensees: This category of guest is used to describe guests who gather at homes and businesses for social functions and gatherings.
  • Trespassers: In Arizona, people who enter upon premises without the permission of a property owner are considered trespassers. In many cases, these people enter properties to engage in illegal contact. Trespassers are generally afforded no legal protection. However, working with an attorney can help to determine if you fall under one of the limited exceptions.

Additionally, the doctrine of attractive nuisance provides situations where property owners can be held liable for injuries, damages, or death to small children who enter their property uninvited. If your child was injured or lost their life in an accident, and you believe it was a result of inadequate safety measures implemented by the property owner, it is crucial that you reach out to a premises liability accident attorney in Arizona as soon as possible.

Although an accident on another person’s property can seem minor at first, it is crucial that you seek medical attention to ensure your injuries are not life-threatening. It is also helpful to have a record of the Premises Liability Accident and potential injuries should they worsen over time. After being involved in a Premises Liability Accident on another person’s property in the Mesa or Phoenix area, contact an Arizona premises liability accident attorney from ELG as soon as possible. You may have legal options available to help you get the medical treatment and compensation you need to recover.

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