Reasons Why an Arizona Commercial Truck Accident Goes to Trial

Reasons Why an Arizona Commercial Truck Accident Goes to Trial

Most personal injury claims settle out of court and don’t go to trial. There are several reasons why this happens including the increased legal costs of going to court, the unpredictability of the court, and the extended length of time a case will take if it has to go to court. Even though the majority of car accidents and commercial truck accidents in Arizona will tend to settle outside of the courts that doesn’t mean that all will. If you were injured in an Arizona 18-wheeler truck accident the Arizona commercial truck accident attorneys at ELG will always be prepared to fight for you in court should your case go that far.

When Do Arizona Commercial Truck Accidents Go To Trial?

The vast majority, approximately 90% of Arizona commercial truck accidents won’t see their day in court but will come to a settlement before that happens. Victims that have suffered grave injuries are likely to sustain large settlement amounts to account for the extent of their damages. When a case can’t come to a settlement and instead, ends up in court, the following factors could be why:

  • Commercial truck accidents can have only one party that is to blame for an accident or they can have multiple parties that may be liable for the damages to victims that result. When there is a case to be made that more than one party is liable, each of these parties will be given some degree of fault. In this situation, there is a lot of room for disagreement. To avoid taking on blame for an accident the chances that some of these entities will contest their obligation to pay victims is high. This scenario will likely lead to a court date.Reasons Why an Arizona Commercial Truck Accident Goes to Trial
  • Victims of Pheonix commercial truck accidents are at increased risk of substantial and devastating injuries. When it is clear that the truck was the cause of an accident and that victims who sustained severe harm were a direct result of the truck’s negligence a settlement will most often ensue. When victims don’t have critical damage but seek an unreasonable amount of medical treatment for minor issues, a court date may be scheduled.

Personal injury claims can be very complex and when examining all the parties involved and all the details of the incident, they can also be unpredictable. Some situations may lead to a quick and fair settlement while others can drag on and take a while to come to an agreeable resolution between everyone involved. When there is no common ground or cooperation amongst the parties included in a claim, going to court will be the next step.

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