Safety Tip When Riding Bicycles With Multiple People in Arizona

Safety Tip When Riding Bicycles With Multiple People in Arizona

A group bicycle ride is a popular activity in Arizona, partly because of the open roads, but also because of the beautiful scenery and the mild climate that supports it. When you ride with others there is a sense of comradery and you are able to enjoy time with friends while you are doing fun and healthy physical activity. Riding within a group also motivates you to put in optimal effort so you end up getting the most out of your session. Anyone who is into group riding in Arizona likely knows or quickly learns expected etiquette and rules that go along with riding tightly near others. 

While those who ride in multiple numbers are more visible than a lone rider, there are still risks to riding on the road. If you are a bicyclist who is injured while you are riding your bike either by a vehicle, near a construction site, or even by a negligent pedestrian connect with the Arizona bicycle accident attorneys at ELG. When you meet with an attorney at ELG you will learn about how you can obtain compensation from the reckless parties that caused your injury accident.

What is the Most Important Safety Tip for Group Riders?

Most Important Group Ride Safety TipOut of everything group riders do to stay safe, the most important action is to alert other of hazards. Identifying hazards and informing everyone in your group of their existence will not only keep you protected but keep others in your group out of harm’s way. Don’t assume that when you spot something that could be detrimental as you ride that everyone else also sees it because it is more than likely that some did not. 

You can verbally inform your group of the dangers you see or you can use nonverbal signs. If you choose to point to the problem, make sure that you are not pointing down where some in your group might miss your signal. Additionally, if you avert a member of your group’s eyes downward and off of the road, this could lead to a loss of control of their bike and a potential accident. Always extend your arm straight out from your body and use your finger to point down so it is clear to everyone that there could be a potential issue with the road.

Some communications that should be made known include:

  • Cracks, potholes, or bumps from the roadway. When the road is flawed it can be dangerous.
  • Construction where equipment is present or areas of the site that have not been completed.
  • All road signals and signs.
  • Traffic patterns, speeding cars, and large trucks.
  • Debris and rubbish 
  • Directions and indications of speed or when there will be a stop.
  • Other bicyclists, children playing, joggers, walkers, and dogs.

Speak with an Arizona Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

Injuries after an Arizona bicycle accident can range from mild bumps and bruises to broken bones and severe head trauma. When a careless party contributed to your damages you may have a valid case to file an Arizona personal injury claim for compensation to pay for the losses you sustained. The Phoenix personal injury attorneys at ELG can be reached at (623) 877-3600 to schedule your free consultation.