Safety Tips For Driving Around Large Trucks

Safety Tips For Driving Around Large Trucks

Driving alongside large commercial trucks can be very dangerous. Anyone driving on the roads or highways should take extra precautions when driving around large trucks because the risk for an accident increases. Commercial trucks have large blind spots and cannot maneuver as easily as a regular vehicle. According to the  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in 2017 there were a total of 107,000 trucks involved in accidents that caused injuries. Truck accidents can cause very serious injuries, so it is important to be extra cautious when driving near them. Listed below are some safety tips to follow when driving next to large commercial trucks.

Avoid Blind Spots

If you are driving alongside a large commercial truck, make sure to stay clear of their blind spots. They have larger blind spots due to the fact that they are bigger vehicles. When passing a truck, move ahead quickly or slow down so you are near the back of the truck so the driver can see your car at all times. Additionally, commercial trucks have larger mirrors than a standard passenger vehicle so headlights can blind the truck driver. When you are behind a truck, make sure your lights are on a low setting to avoid blinding the driver.

Allow Extra Time

It is important to activate your turn signal extra early when you are changing lanes near a commercial truck. This will give the driver more time to respond to your actions and slow their truck down if they need to. The more time you can give truck drivers, the better. When you are merging into lanes with commercial trucks, try to avoid moving in front of a large truck during busy traffic times because they take longer to slow down and stop. 

Safe Driving Distance

Don’t tailgate a large commercial truck because they will not be able to see you. If they abruptly stop their truck and you are unable to stop your car in time, your car may be pushed underneath the truck. This type of accident tends to be catastrophic. It is important to always keep a safe driving distance between your vehicle and a commercial truck. 

Passing Large Commercial Trucks

 Always pass a commercial truck on the left side for the reason that it is easier for the driver to see you. Make sure you signal far in advance to give them time to react and keep a consistent speed when passing. Before you merge back into their lane, make sure you can see the truck in your rearview mirror so you know there is a safe distance between you and the truck.

Wide Turns

Semi-trucks need more space to maneuver and turn. Typically a truck driver will swing farther left to gain more room for a right turn. Do not drive between a truck and the curb because they need all of that space to make turns. Be alert and aware when you are driving next to large commercial trucks.

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