Should You Get A Lawyer If You Were In An Accident With A Commercial Truck?

Should You Get A Lawyer If You Were In An Accident With A Commercial Truck?

An accident with a commercial truck is no different than an accident with another private vehicle on the road. After you have been injured in a traffic accident by a negligent driver you have rights that deserve to be protected. You need to obtain the highest amount of compensation possible to help you with the damages which result from the accident such as medical expenses, lost wages from inability to work, as well as pain and suffering. 

It is an uphill battle and one that requires the assistance of an experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer to help you see your full legal justice. The insurance companies involved after an accident are not in the business of delivering big payouts. They will do what they can to reduce the amount of money they have to pay in a settlement. After an accident with a commercial truck, you have to deal with the trucking company as well as their insurance and they are going to resist large payments as much as they can. Even your own insurance company will try to decrease the amount they put towards a settlement which is why a knowledgeable legal professional who will fight on your behalf is crucial.

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In the United States, there exist what are known as “no-fault states” and those that are “at-fault states” when it comes to determining liability and how insurance policies are involved after an accident. In “at-fault” states, the driver who is responsible for the accident holds liability. For these states, the liable driver has to pay for the cost of the accident. In “no-fault” states liability doesn’t come into play. After an accident, each driver’s insurance takes on the burden of paying for their costs as well as the costs of any passengers who were in their car during the time of the accident.

Arizona is an “at-fault” state which means that you have some options as to how you proceed with obtaining compensation. You can file your claim with your insurance, you could file one with the insurance provider of the trucking company, or you can pursue a civil lawsuit if it applies. 

Effective Arizona Trucking Accident Lawyers

Should You Get A Lawyer If You Were In An Accident With A Commercial Truck?When you are injured in an accident with a commercial truck in the state of Arizona, there are a couple of steps you should take. First, you need to check yourself for injuries and even if there are no visible injuries, you should still seek medical attention immediately. Some injuries, like whiplash, for instance, may not present themselves until hours or a couple of days after an accident. You want to make sure that you can be diagnosed correctly so you can start the process of healing. After you have seen a medical professional and know your health status, you should then reach out to a qualified Arizona serious injury attorney to examine your case and provide you guidance for moving forward with a personal injury claim.

At ELG, our team of Arizona trucking accident lawyers will answer your questions and provide you complete support throughout the claims process. We will advise you on your rights and give you instructions such as not signing anything from any insurance company, including your own, after your accident. One of our attorneys will take all documentation and review it first. If you sign a document you don’t fully understand, you are at risk of hurting your case. You could lessen your ability to obtain a high amount of compensation or lose the ability to file a claim or civil lawsuit against the trucking company altogether.

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