Sources of Compensation After an Arizona Commercial Truck Accident

Sources of Compensation After an Arizona Commercial Truck Accident

The aftermath of an Arizona commercial truck accident can be devastating for victims who were hit by the massive vehicle. The immense stress that comes with trying to figure out how to get the medical treatment necessary to heal as well as how to pay for it and make up the wages that you miss from being unable to work is a lot for anyone to handle. If you are seriously injured after a Phoenix commercial truck accident, and you also have a family to consider, then it is imperative that you immediately connect with the Arizona commercial truck accident attorneys at ELG. It is extremely important to ensure that you obtain the full amount of money that will cover all of the costs associated with your truck accident. To do so, you must work with skilled and knowledgeable attorneys that have specific experience handling commercial truck accidents in Arizona.

What Options Are There for Obtaining Compensation After an Arizona Commercial Truck Accident?

Sources of Compensation After an Arizona Commercial Truck AccidentVictims of devastating Phoenix commercial truck accidents will undoubtedly feel the weight of their physical injuries as well as the toll that comes with mounting financial obligations. If you are incapable of working while you are receiving medical care, taking care of your family, and paying your personal and medical bills will easily become a source of significant stress. When this happens, it is critical to your physical and mental health that you speak with a Phoneix serious injury attorney at ELG to learn about where and how you can obtain compensation to help you with your expenses.

You may feel like you have no options when it comes to your financial situation after your Arizona semi-trailer truck accident, but the opposite is true. You may be able to find monetary relief in the following ways:

  1. File an Arizona personal injury claim against the liable parties. Commercial truck accidents can be tricky because most often, there is more than one party responsible for paying for a victim’s damages. 
  2. Your own health insurance, should you have it, can assist with paying for your medical treatment. Even though you will have to pay your deductible and co-payment, medical insurance can take a big chunk of your medical costs.
  3. If you were at work when your accident happened, your accident could have been work-related. In this case, you may be able to file an Arizona workers’ compensation claim for benefits that will pay for both medical treatment and a portion of your missed earnings.
  4. Some individuals carry long-term disability insurance and there are others who have this benefit from their employer. This coverage can help with wages that are lost from an inability to work.
  5. If a victim lost their life in an Arizona 18-wheeler accident, payment can be made through their life insurance coverage if they have a policy.

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