The Dangers of Driving While Impaired in Arizona

The Dangers of Driving While Impaired in Arizona

Drunk driving is illegal and whether it be drugs or alcohol, it is against the law to get behind the wheel if you are intoxicated. Even driving if you have valid prescription drugs in your system if they cause side effects that make it unsafe for you to drive you should refrain from operating your automobile. Drivers who are inebriated put everyone on the road at high risk for major accidents and serious injuries. Drunk driving is reckless behavior and if you crash because you had drugs or alcohol in your system you will be held liable for the resulting damages. Depending on the circumstances of your accident you may face criminal and civil suits.

Even over-the-counter products when ingested can cause a person to be unable to drive without risk. One example is ingesting nitrous oxide. Commonly known as doing a “whip-it,” when nitrous oxide is intentionally breathed in it causes the body and mind to react in a way that makes a person befuddled and unable to function normally. Anyone who does a “whip-it” should not drive, but if they do and cause an accident they will be held liable especially if it can be proved that they were intoxicated at the time of the incident.

The Dangers of Nitrous Oxide and Driving

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Is It Difficult To Get Nitrous Oxide?

Even though nitrous oxide does impair a person when it is taken in, the gas is quite easy to obtain. Doing a simple online search for canisters will come up with many results and options that can be delivered to one’s home. Some products that you can commonly find at the store also use nitrous oxide. Cans of whipped cream use the gas to keep the sweet dairy product frothy and to expel it from the can. If a person wanted to access the nitrous oxide they could easily dismantle the can and get to it.

There are several reasons why people inhale nitrous oxide. It is a cheap and accessible way to make them feel good, get high, take away pain, and even put them in a deep slumber. Nitrous oxide was actually used for many years in the dental profession to help calm patients and relieve them of discomfort. Nitrous oxide can last for hours in a person’s body even if the initial high is only fleeting. 

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