Three Mistakes to Avoid When You Have a Personal Injury Claim

Three Mistakes to Avoid When You Have a Personal Injury Claim

If you have been in an accident in Arizona and you were injured you have the right to pursue compensation for your damages. You are entitled to receiving a fair settlement based on the severity of your accident. When you work with an Arizona personal injury attorney at ELG, you have a greater chance of winning your suit and obtaining the most compensation possible. Our team will answer all of your questions, present you with your best legal options, and guide you through the Arizona personal injury claim process. 

What Actions Should You Avoid When You Have an Arizona Personal Injury Claim?

You will receive valuable resources and advice from your attorney, including what you should and shouldn’t do while you are in the middle of an active Arizona personal injury claim. In specific, there are three actions that your attorney would suggest you refrain from doing so that you can maximize the amount of compensation you receive. They include:

  1. Social media posts can majorly jeopardize your case. While you are actively having your case litigated, it is important to know that nothing is off-limits when it comes to gathering information to devalue your claim. The insurance company is going to use every bit of information they can compile to discredit you and your assertions regarding the seriousness of your injuries and related damages. If you post something on your social media that could be interpreted as contradictory to the damages you are pursuing in your claim, you may have your settlement reduced or your claim denied. It is important to be very careful with what you post on your social media or refrain from using any platform such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at all.
  2. When you are injured it is important to seek medical treatment so that you can fully recover. Obtaining a correct diagnosis and treatment plan will help you heal much faster and ensure that your injuries don’t become worse or that another health condition develops. Additionally, not following the recommendations made to you by your doctor isn’t just bad for your health but also for your Arizona personal injury claim. An insurance company will argue that when you aren’t abiding by what the doctor has prescribed for you that your injuries are not as significant as you have asserted and so the amount of money you need should be lowered.
  3. Insurance companies would like you to think that they are operating with your best interests in mind. This is simply not true. They are only concerned with finding ways to reduce payments to victims or figure out how to get out of paying anything. They may ask you to provide them with a recorded statement, but you are not lawfully required to do comply. When you are asked to provide a recorded statement, simply say no and tell the insurance company that you are working with an Arizona serious injury attorney.

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