Tips for Handling Your Accident Report

Tips for Handling Your Accident Report

If you’ve been involved in an accident, whether it’s a minor collision or a major crash, an accident report is a must. A detailed accident report can help you secure fair compensation and provides the appropriate information for insurance companies and lawyers.

Police officers fill out the accident report at the scene of the crash after they’ve gathered all the details needed. These details will include the drivers’ information, license plate numbers, registration details, and more.

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Getting an Accident Report

In Arizona, drivers involved in an accident that resulted in an injury or fatality must notify authorities of the accident immediately. Drivers can alert the local police department, the office of the county sheriff, or the nearest highway patrol office.

In fact, leaving the scene of an accident without reporting is technically a hit-and-run if the other driver reports. Even if you’ve been involved in a minor fender bender, it’s essential to report.

When you do report, you will be able to access your accident report later. When a state trooper investigates your accident, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) will have the Arizona accident report. DPS has 14 days to complete and submit the report to the records department.

You can also request an accident report or photographs from the scene by filling out and mailing a request form. This report costs $9.00 for the first nine pages, though the pricing for photos will vary.

If you submit a written request, it must include the driver’s name, date of birth, date and time of the crash, the highway where it occurred, and the report number. You can find your report number in the upper right-hand corner of the sheet provided by officers at the crash scene.

Finally, you can visit the Arizona Department of Public Safety in person and request a copy of the report.

Acquiring Local Reports

Thousands of accidents occur on Arizona highways, but many more happen on local roadways. If you’re in one of the below cities in Arizona, here’s how to acquire your accident report.

  • In Phoenix, you can request a copy via mail or in person at the code enforcement unit of the public records office, located at the Phoenix police department.
  • If you’re getting your report in Mesa, you can purchase your accident report online or contact the Mesa police department for details.
  • In Tempe, you’ll have to complete a written request form and submit in person or by mail, for both the accident report and photographs.
  • Similar to requesting in Mesa, you can buy your accident report online if the crash occurred in Scottsdale. You will also need the date of your accident and the department report number.
  • In Glendale, you can download your accident report from CrashLogic, as the city of Glendale has partnered with the company to provide online reports.

Auto Accident Lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona

If you have questions about the accident report process, contact your attorney immediately. After an auto accident, your lawyer can work as your liaison and help you organize the details of your crash.

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