Tips to Drive Safely Near Big Rigs in Arizona

Tips to Drive Safely Near Big Rigs in Arizona

There is a major need for large trucks to traverse all the roads in our nation so that everyone in America can obtain the goods they need. Most businesses across the country need the services of truckers to ensure they can keep their shelves stocked for their customers. However, driving alongside an 18-wheeler can feel like a daunting task and even be a bit frightening. If a trucker is sleepy, or distracted, or if the truck is not loaded properly, these are all factors that can lead to an accident. When a massively heavy truck crashes into a smaller vehicle, the outcome for passengers of the smaller vehicle is often catastrophic.

Sharing our roads with 18-wheelers means substantial risk if anything goes wrong and we are involved in a Phoenix 18-wheeler accident. But it is a double-edged sword because, in order for us to live the quality of life we live with the vast access to all the products we enjoy, we need truckers to do their job.

How to Safely Drive Near a Large Truck

Tips to Drive Safely Near Big Rigs in ArizonaWhen you are driving in the shadow of a large 18-wheeler you know it and feel it. You can see the enormous vehicle swaying back and forth as the wind hits it and potentially depending on where you are located the trucker cannot even see you. There are tips that you have probably learned over the years about how to drive safely near big trucks. But refreshing these helpful tips could help you increase your safety when you are driving next to a big rig.

  • Give a truck plenty of space. Almost everywhere near the cab are blind spots for truckers. So if you are too close to the sides where the doors are or are too close in the front of the cab, the trucker likely doesn’t know you are there. The other part of the truck that is difficult for truckers to see is directly behind the truck. Giving yourself plenty of room from a truck does a couple of things. First, it gives the driver a better awareness of where you are compared to their vehicle. Second, in the case where a trucker loses control of their rig or if they have to immediately slam on the breaks, you will need the extra space to maneuver out of harm’s way.
  • Truckers have to spend hours upon hours on the road, and this results in wear and tear on their trucks. Tires can only take so much abuse and with the weight of a truck and the heavy use that the truck’s tires go through, they are vulnerable to blow out. This means that the truck can lose control and that those heavy chunks of rubber are going to be flying as well as landing on the road and causing tremendous hazards.
  • Trucks take up space, and when a turn is necessary, they need as much as possible. 
  • Avoid cutting off trucks at all costs. If a truck driver has to quickly break, they will need a vast amount of space before they can stall their momentum. Depending on how fast they are driving, that space could be upwards of three football fields.

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Always engage in responsible and safe driving practices when you are on the road. This keeps you and others you are sharing the road with safe. In the event of a Phoenix big rig accident that was not your fault, connect with the Arizona personal injury attorneys at ELG by calling (623) 877-3600 to schedule your free consultation.