Truck Accidents Caused By Hazardous Objects

Truck Accidents Caused By Hazardous Objects

Per data from the Arizona Department of Transportation, truck accidents result in serious injuries and fatalities more often than typical auto crashes. Furthermore, truck accidents involving stationary objects are fairly common. Despite their generally slower speed, the size and weight of trucks can cause significant damage. In fact, authorities estimate that stationary object accidents can account for 30% or more of a truck company’s total annual accidents.

Truck drivers encounter numerous obstructions on Phoenix roads and highways. From road barriers and potholes to construction roadway equipment such as cones and construction signs, these objects can cause serious accidents.

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Can Hazardous Objects Cause Truck Accidents?

1.8 Truck Accidents Caused By Hazardous ObjectsOn Phoenix roads and highways, truck drivers may encounter a number of obstructions. Aside from barriers and potholes or road construction equipment, drivers may also encounter debris in the road from past accidents, weather events, or occupied vehicles. Stationary objects can even be created by previous truck accidents. For example, a common stationary hazard created by trucks is large pieces of tire in the road.

Due to these hazards, it’s essential for truck drivers in Arizona to be mindful while driving. They must stay alert and keep their eyes on the road, especially when they are not familiar with the area. If you’re in a vehicle driving near a large 18-wheeler, follow all road laws and keep an eye out.

Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

If you have been in a crash, it’s important to consider the next steps. You may be able to pursue compensation for your medical costs, any lost wages, and property damage. In the case of a victim’s death, survivors and families can seek wrongful death compensation.

After an accident, your first step is to contact the police and emergency services, particularly when injuries have occurred. Before you think about filing your claim, document all the facts and circumstances of your accident. Ensure you utilize witness testimony, medical records, and police reports.

If the stationary object you hit is another person’s vehicle, get their information, address, and phone number. Take photos of the accident site and the damage if you’re able to do so. After you’ve collected all the information you need, contact an accident attorney right away. Your lawyer will work as your liaison with insurance companies, allowing you to recover from your accident stress-free.

Truck Accident Attorney in Phoenix

When you’re unable to prevent a truck accident, it’s important to protect yourself in the aftermath. Whether you’re a truck driver or the driver of a vehicle involved in a truck crash, you should follow these steps and contact a knowledgeable attorney. If you’ve sustained injuries in a truck accident, contact our Phoenix accident attorneys at ELG. Call us at (623) 877-3600 for a no-obligation consultation today to review your options.

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