Trucker Fatalities and Victims of Arizona Truck Accidents on the Rise

Trucker Fatalities and Victims of Arizona Truck Accidents on the Rise

Being a truck driver as a profession is not easy. While some people enjoy the adventure of the road, others simply need gainful employment. There are many considerations that should be taken into account when you are determining if truck driving is a career path you want to go down. There is the loneliness that comes with the job, the time away from loved ones, rigorous schedules, and long days and nights only sitting and driving. In addition, there is a high risk of accidents. Should your truck be improperly loaded, if your truck isn’t maintained, or if you accidentally get distracted or lose your focus on the road, a Pheonix truck accident can not only result in issues with your safety but also the welfare of all others on the road.

Why are Trucking Fatalities on the Rise?

Truckers Fatalities and Victims of Arizona Truck Accidents on the RiseIn the last 30 years, the trend has been one where truck drivers are seeing a steep increase in fatalities from accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were close to 890 deaths from large truck accidents in 2018 alone. This was the highest amount seen since 1988 where there were just over 900 deaths from occupants of big trucks. So while the industry comes with its challenges, increased deaths in accidents being one, it isn’t just truckers who are on the lethal end of the trend. Crashes that involve large trucks resulted in close to 5,000 overall deaths. Not only has there been a noted increase in deaths to occupants of large trucks in accidents, and also an increase in overall deaths from accidents related to trucks, but pedestrian accidents related to large trucks were also on the rise.

Clearly, safety rules regarding trucker operations should not become laxer. There is no denying that trucks prove to be an increased form of danger when you are on the road. Driving itself is a risky activity. Even the most experienced drivers who drive regularly and often every day, are at risk for an accident. It takes proper training to drive a large truck effectively and safely. Simply not having the right amount of training makes a trucker a significant hazard on the road. If you have a truck driver that is poorly trained, inexperienced, and makes the misjudgment of allowing distraction, or being sleepy or is under the influence of drugs and alcohol while they drive, the outcome for both the truck driver and especially for others on the road around him or her is especially perilous.

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