Trucks Transporting Freight on the Rise

Trucks Transporting Freight on the Rise

COVID-19, which struck the nation earlier this year, caused a decline in the volume of freight that was being transported by commercial drivers. Every sector, truck, rail, air, vessel, and pipeline took a hit.  Over the past couple of months, though, there has been a marked increase in the amount of freight that is being shipped. July 2020 reported the most freight moved throughout Canada, the United States, and Mexico by trucks. Trucks moved $60.7 billion worth of freight in July, which was an increase of 7.5% of freight from the month prior.

Approximately 45.5% of all the freight hauled by trucks in July of 2020 went through the border ports of:

  • Laredo, Texas
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Ysleta, Texas

As the demand for goods increases so will the number of trucks on the roads to accommodate that demand. Driving next to trucks is intimidating and large truck accidents can cause significant damage, severe injuries, and increased risk for death. If you have been in an Arizona truck accident, you can connect with the Arizona truck accident attorneys at ELG to help you with your Arizona personal injury claim.

Truck Accidents in Arizona

Trucks Transporting Freight on the RiseIn 2019, the total amount of Arizona traffic accidents reported by the Arizona Department of Transportation was 129,750. Large trucks and busses were involved in 12,894 of these incidents, or just over 5% of all the crashes. There were 92 fatal Arizona traffic accidents reported in 2019 that involved busses and large trucks and there were 2,891 that were injury crashes. 

While there are fewer large trucks on the road than passenger cars when they are involved in a crash they can cause tremendous damage. Drivers share the road with all sorts of vehicles from SUVs and pickup trucks, to busses and 18-wheelers, as well as with sedans and motorcycles. Engaging in safe driving practices can help us reduce our risk for an injury accident or one that leads to death. When driving near a big rig, smaller cars should exercise extra caution and remember the following safe driving tips:

  • Try to stay out of a truck driver’s blind spots directly on the sides of the cab, directly in front of the cab, and behind the trailer.
  • Give trucks plenty of space.
  • Don’t cut trucks off.
  • Drivers should try to avoid making left turns with trucks.
  • Don’t drive in front of a truck and then slam on the brakes.

Speak with an Arizona Large Truck Accident Attorney

When you sustain injuries from an Arizona truck accident, you need the very best legal representation to secure as much compensation as possible from your Phoenix personal injury claim. The Phoenix truck accident attorneys at ELG have extensive experience fighting for and protecting the rights of victims of Arizona 18-wheeler accidents. The attorneys at ELG focus completely on providing legal representation to victims of Arizona injury accidents. With the increase in freight transported by trucks, the risk for truck accidents is also heightened.

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