Tucson, AZ – Truck Accident Involving Fedex Carrier on Interstate 10

Tucson, AZ – Truck Accident Involving Fedex Carrier on Interstate 10

Tucson, AZ (July 4, 2019) – Police responded to the scene of a truck accident involving a commercial truck and a FedEx vehicle that took place last evening in Tucson.

The accident, according to police, took place in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 10. It blocked the two right lanes, causing delays in traffic for some time.

Police are not sure what caused the two vehicles to collide but said that the FedEx carrier truck spun out and was facing another direction following the serious collision. Both vehicles had minimal damage to them.

Emergency responders, including paramedics, were called to the scene of the accident to assist injured parties.

At this time, the investigation into the accident is ongoing.

Our sincerest thoughts and prayers are warmly extended to the parties injured in this crash.

Truck Accidents in Arizona 

Tucson, AZ – Truck Accident Involving Fedex Carrier on Interstate 10In 2012, statistics taken by the Arizona Department of Transportation showed us that a total of 12,413 accidents took place involving commercial trucks and buses. 2,728 injuries stemmed from these serious accidents. Trucks have the ability to lead to severe damages as well as serious injuries due to the fact that they are such large vehicles. If you have been impacted by an Arizona truck accident, you have rights to compensation under the law.

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