What Causes Most Truck Accidents in Arizona?

What Causes Most Truck Accidents in Arizona?

Oftentimes, truck accidents in Arizona mean devastating results for those involved, especially when a big rig collides with a smaller passenger car. From serious long-term injuries to financial ruin or even fatal injuries, 18-wheeler crashes cause tragic consequences for those involved.

However, knowing the most common causes of truck accidents in Arizona can help most drivers stay aware. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident in Arizona, contact the Phoenix accident attorneys at ELG. Our team of truck accident lawyers is here to help you in your time of need.

Truck Accidents Caused By Driver Negligence

For the most part, commercial truck drivers are skilled and patient. However, truck drivers or poor company regulations can contribute to these serious accidents.

First, inadequate training in regard to a trucker’s driving technique or defensive driving is at fault for numerous big rig accidents. Many trucking companies reward drivers who get to their destination quickly and some drivers secure bonuses for delivering cargo ahead of schedule. These systems of compensation encourage dangerous driving, as well as hours of consecutive operation that contribute to driver fatigue. When truck drivers experience fatigue, their reaction time and ability to judge the distance between other vehicles on the road suffer.

Jackknife Accidents in Arizona

Typically, the most common cause of big rig accidents is jackknife incidents, particularly those caused by unsecured cargo. Jackknifing occurs when a truck’s trailer or cargo comes unattached from its cab, which usually causes the cab to turn on its side. Jackknifing can happen for a number of different reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Travel on slick roads.
  • Abrupt braking by a truck driver, which can cause the trailer to shift off-course.
  • Driving a truck at a high rate of speed and taking abrupt action, especially with a trailer containing a light load.
  • Travel with improperly loaded or secured cargo.

Jackknifing is responsible for a number of truck accidents, and it’s important for other drivers to stay aware of jackknife warning signs. It’s especially essential for those operating passenger vehicles to keep an eye out. In fact, most fatalities in truck accidents occur when trucks or their cargo collide with smaller cars.

How Do Other Drivers Cause Truck Accidents?

What Causes Most Truck Accidents in Arizona?Though negligence by trucking companies or their drivers are often to blame for big-rig accidents, those who drive passenger vehicles also cause these accidents. Generally, those who collide with large trucks do so because they’ve underestimated their ability to slow down or stop on the road.

For example, many drivers travel in the areas behind and next to a commercial truck. This means that a truck driver has limited or zero visibility.

Other drivers may also change lanes abruptly in front of a truck, maneuvering in and out of their blind spot. Furthermore, unsafe passing or merging improperly into traffic can cause truck accidents. In these situations, big rig drivers often have to brake quickly to avoid smaller cars.

Truck Accident Lawyer in Arizona

To avoid most truck accidents in Arizona, it’s important to know the most common causes of these serious incidents. Although you can’t always avoid truck accidents, it’s essential to stay educated when it comes to big rig collisions. However, if you’re injured or your vehicle is damaged in a truck accident, contact our Phoenix accident attorneys at ELG.

Call our skilled truck accident lawyers in Arizona at (623) 877-3600 for a free consultation today. Whether you’re a trucker or a passenger car driver, it’s important to seek legal recourse after an injury truck crash.