What Challenges Do Arizona Truck Drivers Face?

What Challenges Do Arizona Truck Drivers Face?

Being a professional truck driver is not an easy job by any means. To be a successful trucker who is safe on the road, you need the correct amount of training, a truck that is properly maintained, and a truck that is correctly loaded.  Just like a driver of a sedan or SUV, a truck driver must refrain from drinking and driving, get plenty of rest to stay alert, and avoid the temptation of distractions while behind the wheel.

Large trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, and if any of these elements above is missing a truck driver increases their risk for an accident. An object of the massive size of an 18-wheeler truck flying down the road at high speeds, even when those speeds are in the legal range of the area’s speed limit, poses a seriously dangerous threat to anyone who is nearby that could be hit by the truck. 

If you have been hit by a large truck in Arizona and were able to survive your accident, it is very likely that you sustained devastating injuries. To get all the compensation you deserve form your Arizona personal injury claim, connect with the talented team of Arizona truck accident attorneys at ELG. Truck accidents have a higher risk of being fatal to parties that they hit who occupy a smaller vehicle. If you lost a loved one from a Phoenix truck accident, ELG can also take care of building an effective Arizona wrongful death claim on your behalf.

What Must an Arizona Truck Driver Consider when They Enter the Profession?

What Challenges do Arizona Truck Drivers FaceSome of the unique challenges a professional truck driver faces include:

  • It is a very lonely life as a trucker is often the only one in their rig. Making the long journeys around the nation to haul their cargo means they spend many days and even weeks away from their loved ones. This means less time with children and spouses.
  • Very long durations sitting while driving can cause a driver to lose attention, feel frustration when they get stuck in traffic, and also be unhealthy for the body. Truckers should always stop at rest stations when they can to stretch and get some activity.
  • Getting used to the hours of service and the rigorous work schedule is difficult. Figuring out how to meet the deadlines and adhering to the rules and guidelines established by their employer takes a bit of time to manage and deal with. This is most difficult for new drivers that are trying to prove their worth and that they are responsible as well as dependable.

It is a challenging task for newer drivers to find their rhythm and develop that confidence in their trade. Even veteran drivers still struggle with some of these challenges. When truck drivers make any misjudgment, even if small, the potential outcome of an accident may have huge implications. Truck drivers themselves face danger if they are not careful, trucks can tip and even have their tires blow out which can cause their rig to be uncontrollable.

Do You Need to Speak with An Arizona Truck Accident Attorney?

Immediately after you obtain the medical care you need to tend to your wounds from an Arizona trucking accident, call the Arizona personal injury attorneys at ELG. Our talented team of Phoenix truck accident lawyers will work with you to ensure you obtain a fair settlement to help you pay for the damages you sustained. The Phoenix personal injury attorneys at ELG can be reached to schedule a free consultation by calling (623) 877-3600.