What Do You Need to Prove Pain and Suffering Damages?

What Do You Need to Prove Pain and Suffering Damages?

Victims of Arizona injury accidents have the right to pursue compensation for their damages against the negligent party that caused them. When doing so there are both economic and non-economic damages that can be included in a claim, and an experienced Arizona personal injury attorney will know how to build a claim that accounts for the entirety of one’s harm. While economic damages are those that have explicit and undeniable costs associated with them such as a receipt from the cost of a doctor’s appointment or for medication that was prescribed by a doctor, non-economic damages aren’t that cut and dry.

Calculating non-economic damages is a much tougher task because they don’t have a clearly defined cost like a bill or invoice. Pain and suffering are damages that are non-economic and can be included in a victim’s Arizona personal injury claim. The physical harm such as a broken bone and the other trauma associated with an accident will be classified as pain and suffering. Mental anxiety, inability to function like normal, or even the shortening of a victim’s lifespan as a result of their losses from their accident can be included in the calculation for pain and suffering.

What Do You Need to Prove Pain and Suffering Damages

If you have been injured or if you lost a loved one in an Arizona serious injury accident, call the Arizona personal injury attorneys at ELG for the most professional and skilled legal counsel in Phoenix. The talented Phoenix serious injury attorneys at ELG have many years of experience working with victims of injury accidents to calculate the total costs of all the damages and losses they had to endure so that their claim encompasses a fair and full settlement request.

Is It Hard to Prove Pain and Suffering Damages?

Because pain and suffering damages are subjective, it is more difficult to put a monetary value on them and then argue in support of that amount. However, having many forms of evidence will make it much easier to prove the case for pain and suffering compensation. When you are injured in an Arizona personal injury accident, you should keep records, documentation, and written accounts of everything that you are experiencing. All of the following information is exceptionally important to prove your pain and suffering costs:

  • Written opinions by medical professionals or experts.
  • Documents that are written by your doctor noting treatment and details of your situation.
  • Have a list of all of the medications you had to take to manage your injuries and pain, this includes any medications you were prescribed for mental anguish.
  • Keep a journal of how your feeling and document how your injuries have impacted your life.
  • Have your friends or family also document their perception of how you are coping and dealing with your harm.
  • Take photographs of your injuries.

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Quantifying pain and suffering is a task best left to an experienced Arizona personal injury attorney because of how abstract it can be to put a number amount on someone’s agony and distress. The knowledgeable Phoenix personal injury attorneys at ELG have worked on numerous cases and understand how to evaluate the facts of a victim’s experience and put a fair monetary amount to it. To schedule your free consultation with an attorney at ELG call (623) 877-3600.