What Does Arizona’s Move Over Law Say?

What Does Arizona’s Move Over Law Say?

Many people across the nation are killed and seriously injured every single year after they have been hit by other automobiles while pulled over on the side of the road with a broken-down vehicle. There are many things that can cause your vehicle to malfunction including a blown-out tire, running out of gas, or overheating which is very common in the hot climate in Arizona. Drivers with their broken-down cars, tow truck drivers, police officers, highway workers, are all at risk for being hit on the side of the road. The statistics show that one tow-truck driver will be killed by being struck on the side of the road every six days. Also every month there are 23 highway workers, five firefighters, and one law-enforcement officer struck and killed each month from collisions while on the side of the road. 

In Arizona, the Move Over law was developed and put into effect in 2005 and then improved upon in 2011. This law is meant to keep all people on the road who are at the highest risk for being hit while they are on the side of the road safe. This includes roadside assistance personnel, construction crews, law enforcement, fire crews, and stranded motorists. You deserve to be safe on the road whether you are driving or pulled over on a shoulder. Anyone who is on the side of the road whether a first responder, a stranded motorist, or a construction worker is at increased risk for being hit and injured when they are out among fast-moving cars. 

What is Arizona’s Move Over Law?

What Does Arizona's Move Over Law SayWhen you are driving on all public roads, state highways, local roads, and all street surfaces, interstates, and parkways, you must move over one lane when encountering a car with flashing lights that is pulled over on the side of the road. This means that drivers must make attempts to allow for this one-lane of space every single time they see a pulled over car with its flashing lights on. When the law first was enacted it was only meant for law-enforcement officers as well as emergency responders that were helping stranded motorists. In 2011, Arizona’s Move Over law was updated so that all people stranded on the side of a road with their flashing lights on must be given the one-lane space. 

There are, of course, times when it is impossible to move over one lane and provide a safe space for a vehicle parked on the side of the road. The Arizona Move Over law does address this issue. When you are unable to move over whether it is because it is unsafe for you to do so or if there is simply not the space for it, it is expected you slow your speed down when near the sidelined vehicle. In these situations use extra caution and be ready to stop if necessary. 

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