What Evidence Do You Need for a Truck Accident Case?

What Evidence Do You Need for a Truck Accident Case?

The evidence gathering process for a truck accident starts the moment everyone is safe, and can stretch on for weeks, months, or even years in some cases. However, while most everyone is familiar with the necessity of evidence after a crash, many are unclear as to what exact evidence they need.

Fault-Related Evidence

Under Arizona’s pure comparative fault system, you’ll need to demonstrate that someone else was liable for your collision in some measure—the less you’re personally at fault, the more you can recover. This means that, even with a strong body of evidence, it’s always in your best interest to gather yet more information to avoid having your settlement reduced by comparative liability; you’ll generally need multiple forms of evidence such as:

  • Photos of the crash scene and all damages to either vehicle.
  • Recorded information about the road, weather, and traffic conditions which may have contributed to the crash.
  • Black box data from the truck, which includes movement data and various driving logs.
  • Driver logs, to determine how long the trucker was driving for and if they may have been drowsy or impaired.
  • Subpoenaed cell phone records, if the trucker is suspected of texting and driving.
  • Contact information and recorded statements from eyewitnesses regarding their experiences with the crash.
  • Your auto accident police report, which will articulate much of this information from the responding officer’s perspective.

Proving Your Damages

Proving that another driver was responsible for your damages is moot if you can’t prove those very damages in the first place; though commonly overlooked, evidence of your losses is arguably more important than anything related to the actual particulars of your accident and liability at large. Look to gather these sorts of evidence to prove your accident damages:

  • Medical records: Even if you’re only lightly injured (or feel fine), you need to see a doctor to receive a full examination. This can not only uncover subtle or delayed-onset injuries but will also demonstrate the exact extent of your pain and wounds if needed.
  • Pay stubs and bills: Any financial loss you experience as a result of your accident (such as lost wages, medical bills, and auto repair costs) can be compensated, but you’ll need to provide proof of your income and expenses.
  • Personal journals: If you need to demonstrate pain and suffering damages (whether physical or mental), it can be a good idea to keep a log, journaling your difficulties and how your suffering is impairing your ability to work or is diminishing your general quality of life.

Legal Help for Arizona Truck Accidents

What Evidence Do You Need for a Truck Accident Case?Though certainly possible on your own, it’s much easier to gather evidence with the help of an Arizona truck accident attorney who can utilize their extensive legal resources and know-how to ensure a smooth investigation. If you’ve been hurt in an Arizona truck accident, be sure to contact ELG today at (623) 877-3600 to schedule a free consultation; we can help answer your questions, simplifying the recovery process while ensuring that you receive the compensation you so dearly deserve.