What Injuries Can Pregnant Women Suffer After an Arizona Truck Accident?

What Injuries Can Pregnant Women Suffer After an Arizona Truck Accident?

Pregnant women have to change many of their behaviors and also adjust to becoming much more cautious about almost all aspects of life. To promote a healthy growing baby and keep that baby safe, a pregnant woman has more considerations to think about than when she is without a child. Everyone takes a risk when they hit the road because accidents are so prevalent in the country. Every year there are more than 6 million accidents reported around the country, and so it is no surprise that motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of personal injury and as well as a common cause for death. 

If a pregnant woman gets into a car accident, it is she and her unborn baby that will be affected so the stakes are high. These tragic accidents do happen, and as a result, approximately 3,000 unborn babies die from car accidents in the country on an annual basis. Any accident can be severe, but when an SUV or a smaller sedan is hit by a massive 18-wheeler the outcome is often catastrophic for the occupants of the smaller vehicles. An average SUV weighs about 5,000 pounds, while an average sedan can weigh as little as 3,500 pounds. When you compare this to an 80,000-pound big rig, it becomes glaringly clear that the smaller vehicles are at a significant disadvantage.

When you have been in a Phoenix 18-wheeler accident and you or your baby were injured, or if you both sustained damages, you are entitled to file an Arizona personal injury claim for compensation. Should your unborn baby lose their life, you may file a wrongful death suit on your baby’s behalf. If a mother and a baby die in an accident, another party may file a wrongful death on behalf of the deceased. To ensure justice is served after an Arizona truck accident, contact the Arizona truck accident attorneys at ELG.

What Are the Most Common Injuries to a Pregnant Woman After an Arizona Truck Accident?

What Injuries Can Pregnant Women Suffer After an Arizona Truck AccidentOf the many devastating outcomes that can happen after an Arizona truck accident, the following are the most common when a pregnant woman is involved:

    1. A child that endures such immense trauma after a Phoenix truck accident that it triggers an emergency delivery comes with a whole host of issues. A child that is born prematurely can have a plethora of negative health outcomes that may affect the child for the long-term.
    2. The healthiest pregnancy can quickly change to become a high-risk case.
    3. The child is injured in utero and the injury may only become clear at the time of the baby’s birth.
    4. Placental abruption severs the tie with the uterine wall and when this happens blood flow is inhibited. This is a serious condition that can be fatal for both the mother and her baby.
    5. Death of the unborn baby.

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The unspeakable pain that goes with a Phoenix truck accident which results in damage to an unborn baby or the death of an unborn baby goes without saying. There is certainly no amount of financial compensation that can make the pain go away, but working with an Arizona wrongful death attorney can ensure that you see a bit of justice. Call the Phoenix personal injury attorneys at ELG when you need the aid of an effective and resourceful legal team that will fight on your behalf. Schedule your free consultation today with an attorney at ELG by calling (623) 877-3600.