What is a Commercial Learner’s Permit for Prospective CDL Drivers?

What is a Commercial Learner’s Permit for Prospective CDL Drivers?

When you are of the age that you can drive a car you can earn a learner’s permit so that you have documentation that allows you to practice driving. Even though you must be 16 to drive a car and 21 to drive a large semi-trailer truck, prospective truck drivers must also be allowed to practice operating these large vehicles. It is highly important for new drivers to practice. Like anything practice makes perfect, or in the case of operating motor vehicles, more time gaining experience driving helps prospective drivers hit the road with information to help them reduce the risk of accidents. The importance associated with practicing driving a car is no different than the importance related to taking the time to learn how to operate a large semi-trailer truck.

A commercial learner’s permit allows future professional truckers the ability to engage in active training so that when the day that their Commercial Driver’s License test arrives, individuals will have the experience necessary to take the test. In order to obtain a CLP, a future truck driver must first take a written test and pass. This is akin to what is required for drivers of passenger vehicles so that they can practice driving a passenger car. 

How Long Can Commercial Truck Drivers Train for their Jobs?

What is a Commercial Learner's Permit for Prospective CDL DriversOnce an individual obtains their CLP they have 180 days to train. When a person with a CLP has a person that has a CDL that is valid helping them drive they can use this time to learn how to appropriately operate a large semi-trailer truck. If a person is interested in getting their CDL, then they must first get a CLP. As long as they have had their CLP for 18 days, they are able to take their CDL test.

There are several quizzes and tests that prospective drivers can make good use of. Not every potential driver is under the same guidelines. There are restrictions that may require more conditions before a CDL can be tested for and distributed. Some of these restrictions include individuals that have a prosthetic aid, corrective lenses, mechanical aids, or hearing aids, for example.

Despite the regulations that are put on the commercial trucking industry, accidents still take place. In fact, commercial trucking accidents are on the rise throughout the United States. Because issues with sleep schedules and substance abuse are so prevalent in the industry, commercial truck accidents occur often. 

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