What is Needed to Win an Arizona Personal Injury Case?

What is Needed to Win an Arizona Personal Injury Case?

After you have been injured in an Arizona car accident by the actions of a negligent party you are likely going to want to pursue a civil lawsuit against them to recoup all the costs of the damages you had to endure. You can file an Arizona personal injury claim and pursue legal action on your own, or you can choose to have a legal professional handle your case. While it may seem like you can cut costs by managing your own Phoenix serious injury claim, statistics show that when victims of injury accidents use personal injury attorneys, they are exponentially more successful with their claims on top of getting on average much more in their settlements than if they go the course alone. 

The data suggests that those victims who work with personal injury attorneys have over a 90% chance of receiving a settlement versus those that don’t. Without professional assistance, victims only have a 50% chance that they will secure a settlement. When you need the money to help you pay for your damages after an Arizona personal injury incident, you can’t take any chances. Those medical bills aren’t going away, damage to your personal property won’t fix itself, and there is no money to be gained if you are unable to work. The Arizona personal injury attorneys at ELG only work on injury accidents and we have a proven track record of success helping our clients see their best possible outcomes. You won’t pay us anything unless we win your case and initial consultations are free.

How to Win Your Arizona Personal Injury Case

What is Needed to Win an Arizona Personal Injury CaseObtaining the maximum amount of compensation after an injury accident in Arizona can be complicated and the legal teams that represent the insurance company you are going up against will fight aggressively to devalue your claim or deny it. If you don’t keep current on Arizona injury laws or if you don’t understand your rights you risk settling for an amount of money way below what you deserve or losing your claim outright. To win your claim you will need to have the following components:

  • Thorough understanding of all Arizona statutes related to filing and documentation deadlines, a great familiarity with the comparative negligence system and the insurance system, as well as knowledge of Arizona traffic accident laws.
  • Knowledge on the best practices for efficiently investigating an accident by locating witnesses and interviewing them, using specialists to examine the accident, collecting all relevant documentation, identifying liability on the part of the other party, and having the ability to prove that the other party was negligent and their actions were directly related to your injures and trauma.
  • Understanding how to calculate the value of your claim by way of all current viable costs and potential future costs for medical care, property damages, emotional pain, and lost wages or potentially lost future professional opportunities.
  • The ability to persuade and negotiate skillfully, competently, and masterly against highly paid teams of legal minds fighting against you.

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It is not worth it to lose out on the compensation you need and deserve by not having the best legal representation possible. Call the Phoenix serious injury attorney today to schedule your free consultation with one of our highly effective, Spanish-speaking, bilingual Phoneix personal injury attorneys at (623) 877-3600.