What is the Arizona Statute of Limitations for Filing an 18-Wheeler Accident Claim?

What is the Arizona Statute of Limitations for Filing an 18-Wheeler Accident Claim?

Arizona 18-wheeler accidents happen very frequently every year. These accidents often produce devastating results for victims with extensive damages. Commercial truck accidents can have multiple parties that may be liable, making them typically more complicated to get to the bottom of than when two cars collide. After a catastrophic Phoenix commercial truck accident, it is important that a victim is paid for all of the devastations they had to endure. 

Working with an Arizona commercial truck accident attorney, you will have invaluable legal services and guidance that can greatly increase your ability to win your suit and for the most amount of money possible. When you work with the Phoenix 18-wheeler accident attorneys at ELG, you will be receiving exceptional customer support and the highest-quality legal counsel. This assistance will allow you to focus on your recovery from injuries instead of the legal challenges that come with building a strong Arizona personal injury claim.

How Long Do You Have to File An Arizona Truck Accident Claim?

What is the Arizona Statute of Limitations for Filing an 18-Wheeler Accident ClaimThe length of time that you have to file your Arizona truck accident claim is called the statute of limitations. Every state has their own timeframe that dictates how long a victim has to mount a suit. If the deadline is missed, it is extremely difficult to file a claim that the courts will even entertain. What happens when the statute of limitations is missed is the courts tend to throw out these claims and won’t even look at them. This still happens even when a victim has a legitimate claim and they deserve compensation under the law.

The longest statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim exists in Oregon. In Oregon, a victim has up to 10 years after they were in an accident to file a suit. This length of time is very rare. Other states with a longer statute of limitations timeframes include North Dakota, Maine, and Minnesota. These three states allow for six years for a suit to be filed by a victim. The rest of the country, though, tend to stick to either two or three years.

Arizona falls in-line with the majority of the country’s time restrictions. With few exceptions, a victim in Arizona has two years from the time the accident occurs to make a claim. This is not a long period of time. There is a lot of work that goes into building a successful and strong claim. On top of the work that is necessary to assemble a claim, there are several hurdles and issues that can arise which can delay the process or make it much more involved.

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It is vital that you do not delay in meeting with an experienced Arizona personal injury lawyer to discuss your case and get the process started. The single most important thing you can do after an Arizona injury accident is to give yourself the best chance at being successful with your claim and increase the likelihood of securing a fair settlement that includes monetary compensation for every single one of your damages. Call the Phoenix serious injury lawyers at ELG to schedule your free consultation at (623) 877-3600.