What Steps Should You Take When You Get Home After an Arizona 18-Wheeler Accident?

What Steps Should You Take When You Get Home After an Arizona 18-Wheeler Accident?

It is natural to be shaken up and overwhelmed after you have been the victim of an Arizona large truck accident. The immense size of commercial trucks often inflicts devastating damages to smaller vehicles when there is a collision. If you were injured in an Arizona semi-trailer truck accident but did not go directly to the hospital from the accident scene, you may be wondering what your next steps are and what you should do once you get back to your home.

Phoenix large truck accidents cause a tremendous amount of destruction in terms of bodily harm and property damages. They can also cause a victim to have to endure an emotional toll that is difficult to deal with and overcome. The Arizona semi-truck accident attorneys at ELG can help you obtain the most compensation possible after your accident experience. The experienced Phoenix personal injury attorneys at ELG have helped numerous victims of large truck accidents see their full legal justice and get the money they need to pay for their damages.

What Happens After You Get Home from an Arizona Large Truck Accident?

What Steps Should You Take When You Get Home After an Arizona 18-Wheeler AccidentIf you did not go directly to the hospital for treatment after your Arizona 18-wheeler accident, it is important that you see a doctor immediately to have your injuries properly examined. When you have the right diagnosis you will be given a treatment plan to help you recover from your injuries. It is important that you understand exactly what the doctor has prescribed for you and follow all instructions that you were given. For a victim who went to the hospital directly after their large truck accident, the same advice should be followed. Once discharged, make sure you know exactly what to do as instructed by your doctor so that you can heal.

Whether it is medications that need to be filled, going to physical therapy, making an appointment with a specialist, or making an appointment to follow up with the doctor that treated your injuries, it is important that you do what you were told. Not only does this help you feel better and help you improve but it also helps your claim. When you are injured if you include the harm you sustained in your Arizona personal injury claim but you aren’t following through with your doctor’s orders, the insurance company can argue that you don’t deserve the amount of compensation you are requesting or they may argue that they don’t have to pay you anything.

Additionally, if your doctor recommends that you should take time off of work, take the time that is necessary. Likewise, if your doctor tells you to work is ok but with restrictions, make sure that you follow those orders and make the adjustments. 

Speak with an Experienced Phoenix Commercial Truck Accident Attorney

After you have all of your medical care under control, call a Phoenix commercial truck accident attorney. Even when you are following all of your doctor’s orders, you could potentially say something to the trucking company’s insurance provider or sign off on a document that could jeopardize your case. When you have an experienced Phoenix 18-wheeler accident attorney by your side you will have the guidance and advice you need to ensure your case is as strong as it can be. Call the Phoenix large truck accident attorneys at ELG today to schedule your free consultation at (623) 877-3600.