What to Do If You See a Reckless or Impaired Truck Driver

What to Do If You See a Reckless or Impaired Truck Driver

Truck drivers are usually among the most experienced, well-trained motorists on the road, and have high standards placed upon them by federal regulations as well as public perception. However, that doesn’t mean they’re perfect by any means, or even that the only mistakes they ever make are innocent ones. As such, it’s vital that you remain attentive while driving, and pay attention to the actions of trucks to avoid getting into a catastrophic Arizona truck accident.

Common Signs of Reckless and Impaired Driving

The first step of responding to a reckless truck driver is recognizing that something is wrong in the first place. Recklessness comes in all forms, but there are a variety of symptoms that can tip you off to something potentially being wrong, depending on what type of reckless driving the trucker is engaging in.

Signs of impaired or drowsy driving are very similar to one another and should never be ignored, as they may grow worse and worse if left unattended:

  • Drifting between lanes or onto bumper strips.
  • Accelerating and decelerating inconsistently.
  • Not using turn signals properly or leaving them on for too long.
  • Reacting slowly to stoplights, other vehicles, and exits.

Aggressive driving and road rage, on the other hand, will often manifest as very different driving behaviors. Truckers are just as susceptible to stress and annoyance as any other human being, which can periodically manifest as unnecessarily reckless driving or outright attacks towards other vehicles. If you notice these behaviors in a trucker, you should immediately distance yourself as much as possible from them:

  • Cutting others off
  • Tailgating
  • Speeding to the extreme
  • Running red lights
  • Weaving between lanes
  • Honking unreasonably
  • Blocking other vehicles 
  • Using high beams to blind drivers

How to Respond

The proper response to a reckless or impaired truck driver varies from situation to situation and ultimately is up to your best judgment. No matter your decision, make sure to prioritize your safety first, then make an effort to protect other motorists on the road once you’re out of harm’s way.

If you feel that the trucker is putting you or others in danger, be sure to:

  • What to Do If You See a Reckless or Impaired Truck Driver

    Get as far away from the truck’s path of travel as you can, pulling over if possible. 

  • Take note of any distinguishing features of the truck, such as license plate numbers, colors, build, cargo, etc. 
  • Call 911 to report the dangerous trucker, providing your location and the truck’s path of travel as quickly as possible.

If the trucker doesn’t seem like an immediate danger to others, yet is still driving in an irresponsible and improper way, then you should:

  • Look for text on the truck detailing their company’s phone number, usually marked with a “How’s my driving?” logo. By contacting the company and reporting their driving, you can hopefully ensure that they’ll correct their behavior and drive more responsibly in the future.

Get Help After an Arizona Truck Accident

Even if you recognize dangerous driving behaviors, you may still get hurt in an Arizona truck accident by no fault of your own. Either way, the Arizona personal injury attorneys at ELG can help you get back on your feet and file a successful claim against the negligent truck driver, giving you a strong chance at securing the compensation you deserve. Schedule your free consultation with our Arizona truck accident attorneys by contacting us at (623) 877-3600.