What to Do in the Hospital After an Arizona 18-Wheeler Accident

What to Do in the Hospital After an Arizona 18-Wheeler Accident

Arizona 18-wheeler accidents can be immensely destructive in terms of property damage and bodily harm. If you sustained injuries in an Arizona large truck accident it is important that you get the medical attention you need for your injuries. The Arizona large truck accident attorneys at ELG have seen many devastating cases where victims suffered massive harm and damage after a Phoenix commercial truck accident. We know how traumatic these accident situations can be and the importance of victims being properly represented so that they can maximize the amount of compensation they obtain in a settlement.

What Should You Do At the Hospital After An Arizona Truck Accident?

What to Do in the Hospital After an Arizona 18-Wheeler AccidentA common question that is asked after a serious Phoenix commercial truck accident by victims is what they are supposed to do when they go to the hospital for treatment. It is critical to your diagnosis, treatment, and your recovery that the doctors at the hospital know exactly what is wrong. To properly evaluate your injury situation, they need to understand the details of your accident and all of the resulting pain you are experiencing. This will help them correctly administer the right tests and set forth the appropriate treatment plan or procedures you need to heal and recover effectively.

Be as detailed as you can while being honest. Don’t exaggerate a situation or make up additional elements of your experience that didn’t happen because all of the information you provide a medical professional will be written down. Doing so could put your Arizona personal injury claim in jeopardy. Your medical records will be compared to that of the witness statements and police report, if what you said at the hospital is untrue, you will likely be asked about the discrepancies.

After your injuries are treated and you are given a plan to continue to recover you must abide by your doctor’s orders. Not only is this good advice for your health and physical well-being but it will also impact your claim. If you don’t go to your follow-up appointments or attend physical therapy, for example, the insurance company can argue your injuries are not as severe as you have claimed. This easily can lead them to decrease the amount they are willing to pay or they may even refuse to pay for your damages. Ignoring doctors’ orders comes with too many negative outcomes and risks, so following what your doctor tells you to do is extremely important.

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After a Phoenix 18-wheeler accident, if you are experiencing pain it is critical to your health and the value of your personal injury claim that you are seen by a medical professional and get the treatment you need to recover. Don’t delay or put off treatment and examination. Then call the Phoenix personal injury attorneys at ELG. The Phoenix commercial truck accident lawyers at ELG only work on personal injury cases and we are well-known in the greater Phoenix area for providing exceptional legal services to all the clients we work with. You can schedule your free consultation by calling ELG at (623) 877-3600.