When Are Businesses Liable For Accidents Caused By Their Employees?

When Are Businesses Liable For Accidents Caused By Their Employees?

The destruction that takes place after a traffic accident can be significant, life-altering, and in the most severe cases, deadly. Victims of catastrophic car accidents in Phoenix need to recoup all the costs that they incurred from their resulting damages. Depending on the nature of a traffic accident, several parties may be liable for paying victims. Commercial truck accidents are a great example of incidents where it is imperative to look at many different entities when determining who is responsible. 

Whether you need help obtaining compensation for an accident where there is a clear liability and minimal damages or a highly complex accident where many parties are involved and the damages are substantial, the Arizona personal injury attorneys at ELG can help. The Phoenix personal injury attorneys at ELG are strictly focused on providing effective and knowledgeable legal counsel to victims of injury accidents in Arizona. ELG will fight on your behalf to get you the compensation you need and deserve after an accident.

What Situations Can a Business Be Liable for Their Employee’s Mistakes?

When Are Businesses Liable For Accidents Caused By Their EmployeesThere are situations where an employee can make a misjudgment and their actions result in an accident. While the employee could be held liable for their behavior, there are also times when their employer is responsible for paying victims that are harmed from the incident. When an employee is on the job and carrying out responsibilities of their job and an accident happens, it is reasonable for your Phoenix personal injury attorney to look at the employer for liability.

For example, a FedEx driver may be on their delivery route but they roll through a stop sign without stopping and hit another car. The victim in the other car can file a suit against both the driver and FedEx the company. Another instance when a business can be responsible for the negligent actions of their employees is when they have poor hiring practices. It is the responsibility of businesses to hire responsible and safe employees. So if FedEx hires a person who has a history of drunk driving incidents it is suitable to say that this would be a person who may not be capable of adhering to safety guidelines including staying sober while driving. It would be negligent of FedEx to hire a person with this background. If FedEx does hire the individual and they cause an accident due to being intoxicated while driving their delivery truck, the victim can sue FedEx.

Also, companies that don’t properly train employees can be held liable. Accidents that result because of an employee’s poor instruction put the company at risk for a suit by the victim. Employers are expected to hire employees that are properly trained and licensed, when necessary, as well as provide job-specific training where needed. These businesses must ensure that when they send people out onto the roads and to people’s homes that they are not a threat to the public and have the experience necessary to safely perform the duties of their job.

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