When to Speak to an Arizona Attorney after Large Truck Accident

When to Speak to an Arizona Attorney after Large Truck Accident

Big rig truck accidents often have tragic outcomes for the smaller passenger vehicles that they collide with. There is no law that says that a victim of an Arizona truck accident must work with a lawyer to pursue an Arizona personal injury suit. However, working with an Arizona personal injury lawyer does give victims their best chance of obtaining the most compensation possible to help them pay for their damages. Sice truck accidents have the potential to result in catastrophic injuries and higher rates of death than accidents between two cars, it is vital that you obtain as much compensation as you can. Truck accidents are well-known to have the most calamitous outcomes.

When Should You Call an Arizona Truck Accident Attorney?

When to Speak to an Arizona Attorney after Large Truck AccidentThe most important thing after a traumatic big rig accident is to seek medical treatment so you can start to get on the road to recovery. The second thing you should do is call a Phoenix big rig attorney and schedule a consultation to discuss your accident experience. An Arizona big rig accident can lead to so many devastating outcomes. When you work with an attorney all damages you suffered will be addressed and your attorney will help you get back on your feet as much as possible, so you can continue to move on with your life.

Anytime you have suffered injuries from a Phoenix truck accident you should take the time to consult with a lawyer. Specifically, though, when any of the following happen to you, you should definitely think about contacting the Phoneix truck accident lawyers at ELG:

  • The injuries you sustained after your Arizona truck accident precluded you from being able to work for at least six months.
  • You are unable to pay your daily bills and sustain your standard of living because of the damages that you had to endure after your Phoenix truck accident.
  • The trucking company is not cooperating with you and won’t’ negotiate or acknowledge that they have the fault in any way. They are denying they are responsible for any part of the accident and are insisting they won’t pay for your damages.
  • Your vehicle’s property damages were in excess of $500.
  • You will need significant medical treatment and therapy to recover and heal from your injuries, or you need to remain in the hospital for a long amount of time.

Should you have lost a loved one in an Arizona truck collision, then you have the right to pursue compensation on their behalf. The Arizona wrongful death attorneys at ELG can answer your questions and guide you when it comes to how to obtain the most benefits.

Speak to an Arizona Truck Accident Attorney Today

The Phoenix 18-wheeler accident attorneys at ELG can help you secure as much compensation as possible after your large truck accident. Call the Spanish-speaking, bilingual Arizona personal injury claim attorneys at ELG to schedule your free consultation at (623) 877-3600. For your convenience and safety, the lawyers at ELG are now offering remote intake.