Where Do Truck Accidents Occur Most in Arizona?

Where Do Truck Accidents Occur Most in Arizona?

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 40% of Arizona crashes occur in intersections. But this statistic doesn’t account for data on truck accidents, which occur all too often across the state. Typically, truck accidents occur on busy highways and other major thoroughfares. And if you drive in these areas on a daily or even weekly basis, it’s important to stay aware.

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What Are Common Causes of Truck Accidents?

1.29 Where Do Truck Accidents Occur Most in Arizona?Traffic congestion is one of the most common causes of truck accidents. It can be exacerbated by aggressive driving when motorists weave in and out of lines, tailgate, or change lanes in an intersection if they’re stuck in a long line.

To avoid these accidents, leave earlier, stay calm, and take your time when you’re on the road. If another driver is weaving in and out of traffic due to congestion, avoid responding with aggressive actions.

Distracted driving in Arizona is a top cause for serious incidents in general. Texting while driving can cause accidents when a driver is on their phone and isn’t paying attention to road signals. Or, if a sudden stop occurs, drivers on their phones may rear-end another vehicle. Though truck drivers typically avoid using their phones on the road, they are more likely to drive drowsy. Many hours spent on the road for long stretches of time mean that truck drivers may fall asleep at the wheel. This is another form of distracted driving that can contribute to serious accidents.

Where Do Accidents Involving Large Trucks Occur?

Two of the major highways that see a large number of truck accidents are Interstate 10 and Interstate 17. Stretching from Tucson to Phoenix, I-10 is one of the most dangerous highways in America. Although Interstate 10 runs the entire width of the United States, the 150-mile stretch from Phoenix to California sees about 85 deaths per year. The state average for traffic deaths numbers around 700 each year.

Interstate 17 has a one-mile rise in elevation, causing more accidents in general. Due to the higher elevation, the steep road sees more snow and ice, which contributes to a higher number of crashes. Plus, it stretches through a highly-populated area, where large trucks make more frequent deliveries.

Truck Accident Lawyer in Arizona

When you drive defensively and keep these facts on truck accidents in mind, you decrease your chances of a serious crash. However, if you sustain injuries in a truck crash, contact an accident attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer can work as your liaison with insurance companies and help you organize the facts of your case. This can make your recovery process as smooth as possible.

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