Why Do Semi-Trailer Accidents in Arizona Have Higher Settlements?

Why Do Semi-Trailer Accidents in Arizona Have Higher Settlements?

It isn’t shocking to anyone who has driven a car or who has been a passenger in a car that semi-trucks are everywhere on the roads. They are on local roads and are very prevalent on highways. When you look at these trucks it is clear, their size is much larger than your average passenger vehicle. For this reason, when a collision happens between a large semi-truck and a passenger vehicle, those who occupy the passenger vehicle are subject to sustaining severe injuries and potentially death.

If you have been in an Arizona large truck accident, it is very likely that you sustained catastrophic injuries for which you need to obtain the compensation that reflects the damages you suffered. The Arizona semi-truck accident attorneys at ELG have represented several victims of 18-wheeler Arizona truck accidents and obtained for them the most compensation possible to ensure that all of their losses were covered. It is important that you work with an experienced attorney who understands how to build a claim and effectively litigate a case that involves an 18-wheeler truck. 

What Factors Lead to The Catastrophic Outcomes Associated with Large Truck Accidents

Why Do Semi-Trailer Accidents in Arizona Have Higher SettlementsFirst, large commercial trucks weigh in at up to 80,000 pounds. This is incredibly more than what an average sedan weighs. Your normal sedan can weigh anywhere from 3,500 pounds to as high as 4,000 pounds. The difference between a large commercial truck and your average sedan is that a densely packed 18-wheeler truck at the very minimum is 20 times the weight of a sedan. If a truck driving on the road has momentum and force behind it, along with its weight, this makes for a life-altering combination that can severely impact individuals in a passenger sedan that has to endure the impact. 

Trucks are known for very specific accidents including jackknife accidents, rollover accidents, and underride incidents. Any one of these accidents can lead to major bodily harm and grave outcomes for other vehicles on the road. Because large trucks pose such an immense threat to the safety of all other drivers on the road, they are required to follow very specific guidelines by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. 

The guidelines that are set by the FMCSA direct truck drivers and trucking companies to adhere to specifications that regulate rest time, downtime, consecutive working hours, truck maintenance, how to load a truck, and driver training. A large truck accident in Arizona that takes place as a result of a violation of any FMCSA guidelines makes the case against a trucking company, the truck driver, even the manufacturer of the goods housed in the truck trailer potentially liable for paying for resulting damages victims suffered.

Speak with an Arizona Large Truck Accident Attorney

Because of the tremendous damages that a large truck accident can cause along with the multiple parties that may be responsible for paying for these damages, the resulting settlements have the potential to be very high. To ensure you obtain all of the benefits you are entitled to, schedule your free consultation with the Arizona injury attorneys at ELG by calling (623) 877-3600.