Will Open Records Reports Help Your Arizona 18-Wheeler Accident Case?

Will Open Records Reports Help Your Arizona 18-Wheeler Accident Case?

When you are injured or if you lost a loved one in a tragic Arizona 18-wheeler accident, working you work with an effective Arizona 18-wheeler accident attorney will give you peace of mind that your claim will be handled properly and allow you the potential for the most compensation. The Arizona semi-truck accident attorneys at ELG have helped numerous victims of Phoenix 18-wheeler accidents see their full legal justice and obtain the compensation they need to help them pay for their damages.

There are several pieces of evidence that can be used to build an effective and substantial claim. Witness statements and testimony, expert testimony, information from a commercial truck’s black box, video footage of the accident, pictures of the aftermath of the accident, the crash report, and even open records. Commercial truck accidents can be extremely complicated and take a lot of attention and experience to put together a strong Phoenix personal injury claim. 

What Information Do Open Records Provide?

Will Open Records Reports Help Your Arizona 18-Wheeler Accident CaseYou have the right to the information that is included in open records. Open records can provide an incredible amount of information and be extremely valuable when pursuing an Arizona semi-truck accident claim. You can get these reports from the police department. By reviewing open records you can learn a lot more about your accident from the perspective of the responding police officers which can also lead to gaining access to additional resources that can further substantiate your case.

You can learn about when the police officer who responded to your accident was contacted about your accident. The banter back and forth between officers describing what types of vehicles were involved in the crash can lead to more information about the owner of the vehicles. There are times when these communications can also verify who the insurance companies are. Even the transcripts of those who called 9-1-1 can lead to more information on potential witnesses for your attorney to contact. The more witness testimony you have the better.

Every source that can be utilized to find more evidence when it comes to building a Phoenix personal injury claim is important. The foundation of a strong claim must be supported with strong evidence and plenty of it. You have the right to access open records and your attorney can scrutinize what facts they contain that will be useful for your Arizona personal injury claim. When you work with the Phoenix commercial truck accident attorney at ELG you will have the most talented and resourceful legal representation fighting on your behalf.

Do You Need to Speak with an Arizona Large Truck Accident Attorney?

Arizona semi-truck accidents tend to result in vast destruction and damages. There are also increased risks of death. If you have been victimized in an Arizona commercial truck accident and sustained injuries or if you lost a loved one in an Arizona 18-wheeler accident, you can file a lawsuit to recoup the costs associated with your damages. The Arizona large truck accident attorneys at ELG will help you maximize the amount of compensation you receive in your personal injury or Arizona wrongful death claim. Call the talented Arizona 18-wheeler truck accident attorney at ELG today at (623) 877-3600 to schedule your free consultation.