Accidents In Arizona Are a Part of Life

Accidents In Arizona Are a Part of Life

Accidents in Arizona Are a Part of Life

Stella was the type of person who had never been in any accidents in Arizona as she planned every event, every task, every trip to the grocery store, with care. She knew well in advance when she would leave, and how she would get there. She planned her routes to avoid traffic and even did some research on which streets were the safest to drive. In short, Stella was about as careful as anyone could possibly be. But at precisely 4:24pm, Stella was rear-ended by a delivery truck and in an instant, Stella’s carefully planned day was off schedule as she was en route to the emergency room with cuts, bruises, and possible internal injuries.

Danny too has never been involved in any accidents in Arizona, though for a different reason altogether. He is the kind of guy who crosses the street without looking, wearing headphones and jamming out to his favorite metal bands. Danny drives while eating, texting, and playing air guitar/drumming on the dashboard.

Is that even possible to do all at once? Danny thinks so, yes. This is how Danny lives, and while it is certainly unsafe, Danny has never had even one fender bender; he’s never been hit by a car or even had one close call. Danny seems to be shielded by luck, a four-leaf clover, or maybe it’s just not Danny’s time to go, even though he pushes the parameters of safety and good sense daily.

What do Danny and Stella have in common? Not much. If you consider how both live their lives you’d think that Danny would be at the ER having emergency surgery, not Stella, but that’s not how life works. The point is, no matter what kind of life you live, and regardless of how careful or cautious you are, accidents in Arizona are going to happen to you. Our Danny and Stella are fictional characters, but real people like Danny and Stella do exist.

Serious Injuries From an Accidents in Arizona

Accidents in Arizona are a part of life, and that means they are inevitable and it’s really only a matter of time till you have one. Hopefully, when you do it will be very minor and can be fixed with some alcohol and a band-aid, but for the less fortunate, a personal injury accident can lead to hospitalization or even death.

That’s why you cannot afford to risk your life and your financial future by hiring an inexperienced or incompetent attorney or law firm when an injury occurs due to someone else’s negligence.

When a personal injury accident happens, your whole life could be at risk. Obviously, the most important thing is your health, but a personal injury could damage much more than your personal health. A personal injury could put you out of work temporarily or indefinitely, which could initiate a financial hemorrhaging. How long could you afford to be out of work without pay? For some people, for many people, the answer is two weeks or less even.

Millions of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and a personal injury that takes them out of work could lead to financial tragedy. Bankruptcies after serious personal injury accidents are all too common, because not only are you out of work, bringing in zero dollars, you’re mounting huge medical debt to pay for your healthcare, surgery, rehabilitation, care, etc. It’s a lose-lose situation for many.

But what if your injury is so severe that you can no longer return to your job? Can you imagine the cost of going back to school or getting training to start a brand new career? For many, this is the painful reality that they must face after a serious injury. Education and training can be costly, and while you’re getting it you’ll be losing money paying medical and daily expenses. Additionally, you might not be able to reenter the workforce at the same pay rate either, as you will lose all the years of experience you had going for you in your previous career (the career that your injury has robbed you of).

Consider the fate of your family’s future. With a mountain of medical debt, you may be forced to cancel your daughter’s summer camp, the piano lessons, the language tutoring, or worse—a medical procedure that she needs that your insurance doesn’t cover. The scenarios are many, and the realities are potentially grim.

Don’t risk your health, well-being, finances, nor your family’s future. Consult with aa experienced personal injury attorney and let your attorney get to work on your claim and case right away. When you fight the system, which is often required to get what you deserve with accidents in Arizona, you’ll have a better chance of winning with an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side.

Contact Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

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This confidence, that we can back up, strikes fear in insurance companies and puts us on the fast track to getting you a settlement for your injuries that will make you comfortable, today and tomorrow. Contact us right away for a free consultation, and let us get to work fighting for you!