Accidents Happen When You Expect Them To

Does that headline sound a little off? That’s because it is. The headline above is completely inaccurate, because the cold, hard truth is that accidents happen out of the blue, all of a sudden, and often.

You’re out of bed early and looking forward to a productive day. You shower, get dressed, grab a bagel and coffee, and head for the door. All is good. You hop in the car and make your way to work. Suddenly, another driver runs a stop light and slams into you. In an instant, your life can change. In an instant, someone’s negligence has put you in danger. And from that moment your day, your week, and potentially your life is irrevocably altered. Auto accident negligence causes personal injury to many Americans every day, and when it happens you need a personal injury attorney in California who has the experience and know-how to get you the compensation you deserve.

Maybe you’re not in that auto accident, whew, that’s good. But you do in fact make it to the city parking lot where you park your car every morning. You step out and walk to pay and twist your ankle as you step into a hole—broken pavement that is an accident waiting to happen, unmarked, unsafe, and now you have a severely sprained ankle. If only they had fixed that hole or at least put up a warning sign. They did not, and they are negligent. Why should you have to pay for that visit to the emergency room out of pocket, or let your insurance cover it, which you know is going to eventually find its way back to your wallet when your rate goes up.

Perhaps none of the aforementioned scenarios happen. Lucky for you, you made it to work with no injuries. But then… that’s right… but then you order in lunch and bite down on your salad and instead of crunching lettuce or cucumber you crunch down on a piece of metal, something from the restaurant that made its way into your salad. Now you have a bleeding mouth and a cracked tooth. Your good day just went south and you’re heading to your dentist for an emergency visit. That’s going to hurt, physically and financially.

The point is, accidents happen. They happen when you least expect them, of course, because no one expects an accident to happen. If we knew they were coming, we would make arrangements to avoid them. Unfortunately, no one has a crystal ball to predict the future, and therefore we cannot prepare for them in that sense. However, we can prepare for them from the standpoint of knowing what to do when they occur, such as knowing where the nearest urgent care center or ER is, and also knowing who our attorney is going to be if personal negligence is a factor. Having a California personal injury lawyer in your smartphone, ready to call when accidents happen, is not just a good idea, it’s a necessity. When personal injury strikes, it’s often someone or some entity’s fault, and while it’s good to forgive and forget in theory, we cannot forget the mountain of medical bills that will be coming our way when an injury happens. And if the injury is severe, there could be ongoing medical costs for life. You really cannot afford to take any injury lightly. Every personal injury should be considered major and you should get a doctor’s evaluation and speak to your California personal injury lawyer at the earliest point possible after your accident.

Getting the Compensation You Deserve

At ELG ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS, PLLC, we take pride in our work, and we judge ourselves daily. It is our belief that we are only as good as our last success. It’s a high bar but when you strive for excellence it’s the only way to ensure that success. Thus, we treat every client case as if it were our own family members. Big or small claim, easy case or protracted class action suit, we move forward the same way, with an aggressiveness and thoroughness that allows us to be prepared for battle but ready to settle if the terms look good for our client. But we will always prepare for court and are never afraid to battle it out there. Because we have a reputation for fearlessness, insurance companies and businesses know that we will gladly take them to court, and this often leads to higher settlements outside of court. This is because they know that empathetic juries in a court setting will often award injured plaintiffs very large financial judgments. To avoid the risk of court, insurance companies will often settle for a large figure before going to court and risking further financial damage. This is a winning scenario for us, which means it’s a winning scenario for you as our client. Because while we’re not afraid to go to court, a settlement outside of court is faster, easier, and is generally less emotional or stressful to you, the client.

Call us when accidents happen; we’re here for you. We’re your personal injury attorney in California. We’ll meet with you and discuss the elements and facts of your case and claim. We’ll present our thoughts on how to handle your case, and if you like what you hear, we’ll get to work right away, fighting for your rights. No one likes to go it alone and when it comes to personal injury cases, you really can’t afford to. You wouldn’t build your house without a skilled architect and contractor, so don’t build your case without a skilled attorney. We’ve been down this road before with many clients. We get results. We win cases. And we get our clients compensated!