Fatal Truck Accidents that Involve Trucks with History of Crashes

Fatal Truck Accidents that Involve Trucks with History of Crashes

When a sedan or smaller passenger vehicle collides with a large truck the risk for death is very high for the occupants of the passenger vehicle. In 2017 there were close to 5,000 lives lost in accidents where a large truck was involved. The number of large truck accidents with fatal consequences is on the rise throughout the nation. In 2017, the number of fatal truck accidents increased by 9% from the previous year. From 2008 to 2017, there was a 12% increase in fatal truck-related accidents in the country.

When a large truck has an accident on the road, the majority of victims are occupants of smaller vehicles. In 2017 deaths in car occupants of smaller vehicles made up 72% of all truck-related deaths. While only 18% of the deaths were occupants of large trucks and 10% of deaths were not in cars. The dangers to smaller cars on the road when they drive near large trucks are very real and present.

The Prevalence of Multi-Crash Truck Drivers

Fatal Truck Accidents Involve Trucks with History of CrashesThere are many reasons why a truck can have an accident including:

  • Improper truck maintenance
  • Improper loading of cargo
  • Trucker fatigue
  • Trucker inebriation
  • Poor weather conditions
  • Poor trucker training

It only takes but one misstep for a truck to lose control and cause massive damage to others on the road around them. In 2017, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicated that the drivers of large trucks who were involved in fatal crashes were more likely to have been in multiple previous crashes when compared to other drivers on the road. That year 20.7% of large truck drivers had been in other crashes. Approximately 20.3% of motorcyclists were in other crashes while just over 19% of passenger cars were in previous crashes.

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