How a Truck’s Weight Can Make it Dangerous

How a Truck’s Weight Can Make it Dangerous

When you are driving on the highway near large trucks you are at risk for a serious accident if your vehicle and the truck collide. Truck drivers have to be especially cautious and alert when they are driving because of the immense amount of damage that their large vehicles can inflict when in an accident.  Also, other drivers should engage in safe driving practices when driving near a large truck. For example, you should never cut a truck off or travel in their blindspot. 

From the moment that a truck is being loaded and while it is on the road, a truck driver must follow all state and federal laws for operating their rig. One of the rules of the road that truck drivers must comply with is ensuring that their truck isn’t overloaded. Trucks that are heavier than what they are rated pose additional risks to other drivers on the roads. To better monitor and combat against overweight trucks and truck accidents, there are weigh stations located in various locations on the highways for trucks to pull off and be weighed. If they come in at a weight higher than what they are rated, they must lighten up their load.

Why are Heavy Trucks More Dangerous than Properly Loaded Trucks?

How a Truck's Weight Can Make it DangerousThe way that a truck obtains its Gross Vehicle Weight Rating happens when the manufacturer assesses a number of factors related to the construction of the truck. There are several elements that go into the rating such as evaluating a truck’s suspension system, its powertrain system, and it’s the ability to effectively brake. These are all very important because the information they provide is directly related to how much a truck can safely carry.

The performance of a truck is greatly impacted when the weight that the truck is carrying far exceeds its GVWR. Some of the many risks overloaded trucks can pose to other drivers include:

  • Making a truck go much faster when driving downhill.
  • Putting too much strain on the braking system, and ultimately causing brakes to fail.
  • Cargo that is unsecured and could fall onto the road during travel.
  • The load shifting while driving and cause the truck to rollover.
  • Excess weight putting too much burden on the axle system.
  • Causing drivers to lose control of their truck.
  • Extra pressure on tires, putting them at risk that they will blow out.
  • Inability to ascent uphill.

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